Milan Fashion Week always seems the most high fashion of the fashion week season. From the street style to the frow to the runway, this city really is the European fashion capital from head-to-toe. As expected, the high-end design houses of Milan such as Prada, Gucci and Versace gave us something that New York and London didn’t: couture mixed with wearable designs.

milan fashion week

Gucci gave us a bright and airy collection that seemed a little out of place for A/W but was lovely all the same. The designs were displayed in a number of pastel and subtle shades in a move that is usually reserved for springtime collections. The cuts and designs were simple and elegant, providing us with aspirations for a gorgeous wardrobe. Prada seemed to do exactly the opposite – veering towards fabrics, colours and patterns that were heavier and darker. Furs, silks and wools were displayed in deep reds, navy and black and Miuccia Prada made sure we were set for the inevitable cool winter.

milan fashion week

Emporio Armani went back to basics and focused on the suit and the little black dress. There was an emphasis on tailoring and modernising the basic suit – making it durable and wearable for the modern woman, although there was a slight hint of Charlie Chaplin surrounding some of the suits. There were some beautiful tailored dresses that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of and the entire collection screamed class and elegance – another win for Giorgio Armani.

milan fashion week

Like Gucci, Versace played around with colour but used much darker and richer tones. The turquoises, reds, yellows and monochrome shades were emphasised on evening wear and party dresses, mixing silk and lace in a rock-chick way that only Donatella Versace can muster up. Roberto Cavalli was also all about the drama and did everything with just a touch of fur. The collection was full of electric tones – deep blues, reds and raven black. There was just a touch of theatrics about the collection, which is why we all adore Cavalli’s work, and this season, he didn’t disappoint.

milan fashion weekDolce & Gabbana was easily my favourite show of Milan Fashion Week. Not only did the two designers have some beautiful couture designs, but also they added that little bit of fun and divilment to the collection with animal cartoons and sketches. Using deep colours, designs and fabrics, the geniuses behind Dolce & Gabbana created a collection that every woman can wear and would be proud to have in their wardrobe. The fun and flirty styles and patterns made this a very easy collection to re-create at home, and best of all it looks warm and comfortable. Pretty much ideal for the Irish winters, right?

milan fashion week

This Milan Fashion Week didn’t disappoint – it very rarely does. All designers involved seemed to up their game and present us with collections that were both ready-to-wear and extremely high fashion. The use of colours and fabrics made us look forward to getting back into those winter woollies again without having to compromise our fashion sense. Next is Paris Fashion Week…who else is looking forward to that gorgeous French fashion?

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TAG: This Or That

I’ve been in and out of the blog for a while now so I’ve decided to do an easy blog to get back into my stride! It’s been a mad few months with work and and I’m currently in talks with the charity Jigsaw to do some work with them – so all in all, I’ve been busy! I’ve seen this on a number or blogs recently, including Aoife Bennett’s Pretty Purple Polka Dots, Seána Curley’s Innocent Illusion and Girl Friday and said I’d give you an idea of the beauty and fashion choices I make every day!


Blush or Bronzer?

Neither! Because I’m so pale, I find bronzer looks absolutely ridiculous on me because I’m not wearing . As for blush, I think it looks a bit silly on me so I stick with a little darker powder in the apple of my cheeks for contouring and leave it at that!

Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick all the way! I am addicted to my red lipstick and keep buying it in different shades of red! Two favourites of mine are the MAC Archie Comics Collection red and No7 in ‘Love Red‘ but I do love a bit of orange or bright pink! I feel naked without bright lips and plus Ireland is WAY too windy to appreciate the power of lipgloss!


Eyeliner or Mascara?
Eyeliner. I feel completely naked without some eyeliner on but I could probably survive without wearing mascara for a little while! I like to enhance my eyes when I put makeup on so eyeliner is the perfect thing to do that!

Foundation or Concealer?
Foundation. I have extremely red skin sometimes so foundation evens out my skin tone! I couldn’t live without my MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation, I have really dry skin so this foundation does wonders for me. It’s also one of the only brands that does makeup pale enough for my skin.

Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow?
I usually stick with blacks, greys and golds for my eyes as I like to widen them. For this, I couldn’t survive without the Urban Decay Naked2 palette – which has all the shades I need for shading!


Pressed or loose eyeshadow?
I have never been a fan of loose eyeshadow because it gets way too messy and I always seem to drop it. For this reason, i’ll have to stick with pressed eyeshadow!

OPI or China Glaze?
I’ve never actually used either of them but I hear OPI is fantastic! However, I do swear by Barry M, especially the new Gelly collections!

Long or Short Nails?
Somewhere in between! I don’t like long long nails but I like them to look good and healthy! I’m lucky I have good strong nails as I stopped biting them years ago, so short nails is never really a problem for me.

Acrylic or Natural?
The one time I’ve used false nails they infuriated me so I prefer to work with my own nails!

Bright or Dark?
Depends on my mood and whether I’m working or not! I’m favouring lilac and blue at the moment as I’ve just bought the Barry M Gelly colours but I’m partial to most colours!

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 19.05.00

Flower or no flower?
Not really a huge nail art fan!

Perfume or Body Spray?
Body spray wears away too quickly so I tend to stick to perfume! My usual is Calvin Klein Euphoria, it’s such a rich dark scent, I love it!

Lotion or Body Butter?
Body butter. I always forget to put it on anyway but I have a couple of pots of Soap & Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’ which I love the smell of (when I remember)!


Body Wash or Soap?
Body wash when I shower, but soap when I’m washing my hands etc.

LUSH or Other bath companies?
LUSH is pretty nice but I’m terrible for just picking up a bottle of Radox gel!

Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Jeans but I’m a skirt person!

Long or short sleeves?
Both – depending on my mood.

Dresses or skirts?
Both, I love wearing both skirts and dresses with tights and boots, especially in the winter! I feel way more comfortable in these kinds of outfits and they suit my figure more!

Stripes or Plaid?
I don’t wear either that much but I’ve just bought a tartan midi skirt that I love! I suppose there is a time and a place for both stripes and plaid!

Flip Flops or Sandals?
Neither, I never find them comfortable!

Scarves or hats?
Both. As soon as I see Autumn at a distance, I’m pulling out the scarves and hats! I’m lucky to have  a head for hats and just keep buying new ones!

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 19.07.02

Studs or dangly earrings?
Studs all the way!

Necklaces or Bracelets?
Necklaces. I love spiky necklaces, especially because I wear collared shirts a lot. Necklaces can really complete an outfit and I adore picking out new and interesting ones.

Jackets or Hoodies?
I wear a hoody lounging round the house but jackets outside the house. I do love me some leather!

Curly or Straight?
My hair is naturally curly but I wear it straight a lot when I’m going out. My hair used to be short so it’s still good to tie it up sometimes!

Bun or ponytail?
Both. I wear my hair up for work so I like to wear a mixture of both!

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips

Bobby pins – there are about a million of them around our flat and they’re so handy for those bad hair days!

Hair Spray or Hair Gel?
Hair spray but I never really use it. It’s great for keeping your make-up on for a night out though – mind you, I wouldn’t advise doing it!

Long or Short hair?
This is a tough question! I cut my hair really short a couple of years ago and I loved it but I’m really enjoying having my hair long at the moment and being able to play around with it!

Light or dark?
Dark – the darker the better at the moment!

Side sweep or Full on bangs (fringe)?
I have a full fringe and it suits the shape of my face so I would always opt for a full fringe.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 19.29.21

Up or Down?

Rain or Shine?
Being honest, I like the rain. I burn very easily so I always prefer the rain. As long as I have an umbrella, mind you!

Summer or Winter?
Winter. It suits my wardrobe and I can wear faux fur all I want!

Autumn or Spring?
Autumn. I love the colours and the smells!

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate all the way!

Keep styling,

Emily Fashion Fiend

The Met Ball 2013

The celebrities were out in drones last night to celebrate the start of fashion season at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Costume Institute Gala is always the most stunning event of the season and this year was no different. As usual there were some fantastic dresses, some horrendous creations and everything in between. The 2013 theme ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’ gave the A-list the chance to spread their style wings and come up with something a little different. Therefore, I’ve decided to compile my thoughts on the best and worst dresses of the night. Let me know your thoughts and opinions too!


I don’t think anyone else could pull this off but Gwen Stefani manages to look absolutely fabulous in a Maison Martin Margiela gown and Fred Leighton jewels on the red carpet. Many didn’t like this as the punk theme was Stefani’s time to shine but in my opinion, Gwen looks beautiful! Gavin Rossdale scrubs up nicely in his tartan suit too!

Emma Watson looks like an absolute babe in a Prabal Gurung cut out gown. This type of gown was popular on the night but the Perks of Being a Wallflower star looked edgy and chic while still giving it that touch of class! Those shoes really give it the finishing touch!

Although Jennifer Lawrence played it safe with yet another Dior dress, I still think this is one of her best looks and love the fine details on the dress. Lawrence paid attention to detail with this outfit, with spiky shoes and the headpiece giving the outfit that little punk edge it needed.

Blake Lively managed to stun everyone in her two-tone Gucci dress. This girl seems to never get it wrong. The only thing missing from this ensemble is her new man candy husband Ryan Reynolds!

As one of the few celebrities that really embraced the punk theme, white hair has never looked so good on anyone as it does on Nicole Richie! Wearing a Topshop white gown, she let her hair and make-up do the talking and created a funky but chic outfit.

Sienna Miller was another celebrity who kept the theme in mind and stole the show in a simple white Burberry gown, covered by a very heavily studded leather jacket and headband. The outfit was risky for an event like this but she really pulled it off, showing that Brit girls are a step ahead when it comes to punk!

To all the ‘Hatha-haters’ out there, this look will stop you in your tracks! Although I’m a fan of Anne Hathaway, I’m not always a fan of her style choices. However, this Valentino dress shows a new racy side to her and the bleach blonde hair is fantastic, giving her a real edge in the style stakes!

Nina Dobrev looks phenomenal in a custom-made sheer Monique Lhuillier gown with a difference! It fits her like a glove and the trousers under the gown is inspired without looking like a bad 90s outfit!

I always love Rita Ora’s style, no matter how out there it is but she excels in this Thakoon number! The white with gold is elegant but the cut gives it a little bit of edge. Teamed with her trademark red lips, this ensemble is one to remember!

Saving the best till last (in my opinion) and another stunning gown from Thakoon. New supermodel on the block Cara Delevingne is everywhere at the moment and she proved that she is truly the belle of the punk ball in this studded number. Not only does it scream punk but its elegant and a true winner in the style stakes!


There are way too many of these to count. Some people just didn’t get the theme, others just dressed in the dark! In any case, these are my opinions on the worst outfits of the night

I don’t know why, and I’ve tried really hard to, but I can’t like this dress! I don’t know if the Anthony Vacarello number would look better on someone else or not but I can’t get on board with it! Sorry Gisele!

Religious imagery is best left out of these things in my opinion and it certainly doesn’t belong on a dress for the Met Ball. I don’t know what kind of punk Katy Perry was trying to portray but I think this Dolce & Gabbana dress made her look frumpy and ridiculous and don’t get me started on the crown!

I know she is the honorary chair for this year’s Costume Institute Gala committee but I really can’t stand this Givenchy dress. Elements of it are…ok, but altogether I just see a big mess of colours, cuts and patterns. It may have been salvaged if those gloves hadn’t gotten involved but although they match, they add to the madness that is this outfit!

With a Giles Deacon dress, Philip Treacy headpiece and Louis Vuitton boots, there is just WAAAY too much going on in this outfit. Separately, these pieces probably would have worked to adhere to the punk theme but together, they really hurt my eyes. Sarah Jessica Parker is a real style icon in her own right but this look doesn’t work for me!

With all the stories of an imminent breakdown in the Hollywood rumour mill, Miley Cyrus doesn’t help herself when she goes out looking like this! This Marc Jacobs fish net dress does nothing for her and the spiky hair is less punk and more insane asylum!

Apparently Kanye was ’embarrassed’ by Kim’s ensemble, and while he has no right telling her what to wear, I can kinda see why. This Givenchy dress is way too busy for someone with a baby bump and as Kim’s maternity style has been a bit hit and miss, she could have stunned us with a fab outfit. However that wasn’t the case and we’re left grimacing at this awkward style choice!

Ok, so I’ll start by saying that I love this Stella McCartney jumpsuit in theory. In practice, and on Kristen Stewart, not so much! The lines are lovely and this is a gorgeous colour, especially on Kristen. However the boxy shape around the hips and thighs make her look like a very fashionable hexagon and it just doesn’t work for me! Sorry Kristen!

I adore Coco Rocha but her Met Ball choice have been questionable the last two years. The pink and yellow suit/hair thing she was trying to do last year just didn’t work, and this Ungaro outfit is no better. The gold leaf design mixed with leopard skin is disastrous and the ankle boots make it ten times worse!



It would take Madonna to ruin a theme and ruin it, she did! Forget the fact that she is way too old to be dressing like this anyway, she took punk way too literally and I imagine Lourdes will be hiding with the shame until next year after seeing this picture! Someone needs to tell Madonna not to go next year!

So these are my opinions on the best and worst dress at the Met Ball in New York last night. There were far more that I both liked and disliked but these were the clear winners and losers for me. Plus, you don’t want me going on anymore! Let me know what your thoughts are on the Costume Institute Gala style!

Keep styling, Em x

The Fashion Faux Pas of Oscars Past

AS OSCAR fever is still hanging around, fashion lovers like myself are already looking forward to examining and scrutinising what our favourite starlets and leading men will be sporting to top the style stakes next year. But as fantastic as some of the frocks and suits will be on the red carpet, we have to look back on some of the blunder those A-list celebs made back in the day. I don’t know about you all but it gives me a certain sense of satisfaction when the faces we know and love/loathe get it SO wrong!

Geena Davis has never been high up on the list of fashionistas but my goodness, 1992 was definitely not her year. Someone didn’t explain to the poor lass that although it was a special night, it wasn’t her special day and she needed to put the bizarre wedding dress back in the wardrobe. Or better, just burn it.

You know, we complain about what Madonna wears now, I’m a repeat offender of this but back in 1999 she looked even worse. Her Bollywood look mystifies everyone this year and I don’t know whether she looked older or younger than she does now. Thumbs down Madge!

Cher. Babe. Just no. A woman that can take a fabulous dress and make it look awful, Cher decided she was going to wear double denim in 2000. To the Oscars. There are no words for this outfit, just awful!

Probably one of the most memorable Oscar outfits of all time is Bjork in the horrible swan dress. Have you ever seen that scene in White Chicks when they have those awful dresses in the fashion show? Yeah, they were actually made for real people, and Bjork looks…just horrendous!

This outfit is a prime example of ‘just because its designer doesn’t mean you should wear it’. Uma Thurman sporting Christian LaCroix like something out of a pirate movie is just a tad too much for our liking and this was less than ten years ago!

Before Anne Hathaway was a style goddess, she was like all of us, but to be honest, I don’t think many of us would have picked this dress. Satin, flowery and orange – not a great combination and she looks incredibly uncomfortable in it!

So celebrities are just like all of us, no matter how amazing they look now, they will never escape the horrendous pictures of red carpets past. Now to sit back and wait for the next Oscars where we hope the delightful celebrities will have an ounce of fashion sense!

Keep styling, Em x

The Designer Highlights of Spring/Summer 2013

It’s been such a long winter in Ireland that everyone is getting a bit sick of the cold weather, the frostbitten hands and the sneezing all over the shop! I’m always so looking forward to the winter, I love wrapping up in warm coats, scarves and hats but there comes a time when even a person like me who is allergic to sunlight has to take a step back and think, ‘My god, I just want to wear a light jacket for once’! So for all those people who are missing the presence of a bit of warmth and want to change up their wardrobe a little bit, here is what we should be wearing this Spring/Summer 2013 season all the way from the major catwalks.

We got a huge mixture of everything for the S/S 2013 shows, from graphics to floral print, pastels to neon and everything in between. It was a season of change, with Hedi Slimane at the helm of the newly named YSL and Raf Simons taking over from Bill Gaytten at Dior (does anyone else miss Galliano?). Even Jil Sander returned to the fashion house she had started in 1973 much to the surprise of many. Throughout all this upheaval, our favourite designers managed to create some show-stopping creations, astound us with their visual displays and reminded us all why we are in this game called fashion.

As always the fun began in New York City and we saw influential people like Anna Wintour and André Leon Tally enjoying the spoils of fashion’s most prominent designers, who didn’t disappoint. Carolina Herrera’s show, a favourite with the fashion elite championed ‘lightness and fluidity’, which reflected beautifully in the cuts and hues of the clothing. There was an Alice in Wonderland-style vibe throughout the runway show, using a powder blues and creams as a running theme. Collared blouses and A-line skirts were the order of the day modelled by up-and-coming stars like Cara Delevigne and the sleeve style on the jackets and cinched waists created a school-girl aura, a look not usually championed by Herrera. The subtle colours continued throughout the show on tea dresses and maxi-skirts. Karlie Kloss finished the show in a three-quarter-length sleeve cream dress with intricate beading on the edges, closing this young but elegant collection with a bang.

Marc Jacobs used a psychedelic style in his collection for this season with the use of horizontal stripes in many different colours from monochrome to candy-red. Every piece had simplicity, like it had been stripped back to basics and started again. Crop tops with shorts were a big part of the show and the midi-trend continued with the use of knee-length skirts. There was the odd ruffled collar and scalloped hem and the psychedelic mood changed from stripes to houndstooth to leopard print, a true sign that prints will be all in this season in all shapes and forms. All the accessories were petite and ‘cute’, something that ran parallel to the sixties theme, a tribute to the days of Twiggy and simplicity.

Tom Ford, the man of the moment thanks to his new Diet Coke campaign, continued the sixties vibe into his show with teased beehives and biker boots. His mixture of glossy biker jackets with upturned collars, buckles and leather this was truly a nod to the days of mod, an era that made James Dean comfortable and makes women to this day feel sexy and in control which is exactly how these clothes are meant to feel. The mixture of black, cobalt and metallic shades made for a contrast made in heaven and the utilitarian feel that moved throughout the show made Ford’s show an uproarious success and will have the Swinging Sixties swing all the way into 2013.

Next was London. Home of the most articulate and grungy designers on the planet and home to muses from Edie Sedgwick to Princess Diana. Here is where we see the use of florals and pastels, showing our European and American counterparts how it’s done in London. Emilia Wickstead told the press she had championed a Truman Capote society woman vibe, slick, polished and most importantly, desirable. Her outfits that would stand out on the set of programmes like The Hour create a marriage of youth and polish and bring it together to output a late 50s aura. The neat, simple hair and the chic Manolo Blahnik shoes made the elegant tailoring complete and the models shows an iron-willed but effortless demeanour in the clothing. There were plunging necklines in demure dresses and full skirts in sherbet shades, combinations that screamed Sunday best but also independent woman.

Mary Katrantzou, although sticking to some of her exquisite printing, had a different style this season. The prints she usually uses have such an intricate and old oriental quality about them and these new styles that Katrantzou uses was a nod to her flourishing style, a more modern approach to printing. The use of money, flowers and postage stamps was a surprising change on styles like shirts and bootleg trousers. Her colours that usually stick to a scheme were fresher, white mixed with metallic blues and blacks. The designers showcased A-line dresses, trousers and blazers mixed with bowling-style shirts. Her oriental-inspired vase shaped skirts haven’t made their usual appearance at Fashion Week for this season but it could be the breath of fresh air that Katrantzou needed for her new collection.

A print overload was had at the Erdem catwalk show. Again with the sherbet shades, we got an eyeful of lemon yellow, oranges and pinks, all adorning pretty, ladylike dresses – an Erdem speciality. Erdem really broke out of his comfort zone with the use of snakeskin and the continued use of textiles, texture and applique. The show was saturated with femininity from demure fitted dresses to umbrella shaped skirts, to pencil skirts. The use of lace and crochet with sheer fabrics and pastels was a signature Erdem move but the show moved forward and made changes that no fashion editor could have expected.

Milan was next on the agenda, the home to high and expensive fashion. The standards are high and the prices are even higher but the Italian fashion capital always comes up with the goods and this season was no different. The monochrome and Oriental trends were ever present in Miuccia Prada’s catwalk show. The silhouettes were boxy and angular from the silk jackets to wraps to Judo-style jackets. The jackets that opened the show were black with a single white flower that looked like it had been spray-painted on with stiff pleated skirts. The flower motif crept into each look that turned the catwalk from the fur coats to the clutch bags, always in either red or white. The shows were golden booties with ribbon details, giving a very delicate feel to the outfits. The mixture of monochrome with pastels was very heavy and has people in two minds about the collection but Prada’s show has triumphed with the critics again who think the use of monochrome in the S/S13 collection works against the sweet colours that after two weeks of fashion shows can start to get a bit sickly.

Jil Sander has returned to the helm of her own ship after Raf Simons moved to Dior and this collection was bound to cause a lot of interest. The modern clean lines has everyone talking and her use of colours like burgundy and navy were a welcome difference to the pastels and patterns of every other collection. The collection was about lines and shapes more than colours and the shirts and jackets had a stiffness and structure about them. The jumpers had graphic lines on the shoulders and sleeves and everything was cinched and tapered – because that’s what Jil Sander does. The contrast between the square cuts and the round necklines was a smart one and Sander returned with style to the fashion elite where she can rightfully take her place. This collection was astounding, not just because of the clothing but the difference between now and last season, under the wing of Raf Simons.

Frida Giannini, the designer who kicked off Milan Fashion Week, opened with a bright pink bombshell in the form of a streamlined trouser suit showing that Gucci was too in a sweet mood. However, the design house was packing a punch and instead of following the crowd, Gucci used expressive jewel colours in their collection. Turquoise, pink and yellow all played a huge part in the show and it said no to the summer pastel unspoken rule. There were double-breasted jackets and shift dresses with patterns and Giannini put a lot of focus on back detailing in this new collection, creating high necklines with plunging backs. We saw beading and encrusted necklines and snakeskin to boot, showing that Gucci likes to give the fashion groupies of the world a lot of options.

It was time to go and enjoy the romantic fashion in the city of love and our last port of call: Paris Fashion Week. Amazing designers have hailed from this city and the beauty that has been created in design houses like Chanel and YSL cannot be beaten. Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton took our breath away as per usual and she has proved yet again why she is the best. There was an erotic feel to the show and Burton described the collection as being about the ‘worker bees’. This led to honeycomb style mesh being used to make pencil skirts and sharp jackets with a beekeeper style hat. Crinoline was the buzzword in this show and we saw extravagant and indescribable corseted gowns that belonged in a Russian society novel. Thick gold belts were wrapped round the waists of the models and the corsets/crinoline style dictated how well the jackets tapered on the waist. Unbelievable isn’t strong enough a word: Burton, you did McQueen proud.

Chanel, a favourite amongst the fashion society, was as always lady-like and fantastic. Lagerfeld used pearls galore in this show-stopping catwalk, on wrists and necklines and clothing, like pollen that had just rested on their clothes. It was one of the simplest shows that Chanel has ever done and that, in itself, is a statement. Lagerfeld showed that the house of Chanel didn’t need fresh blood; it was still the king of the jungle in the fashion world. We saw little cropped jackets, a Chanel favourite but with bell sleeves for a modern twist. There were strapless column dresses with sequin flowers, sequined jackets and huge hats with see-through brims. The wind theme that ran throughout the show was a breath of fresh air both for the brand and the audience and the entire collection was calm, collected and a total classic from Karl Lagerfeld.

Last but certainly not least, the show that everyone has been talking about: Louis Vuitton. The use of neon and graphic print was genius and set this show apart from the rest. Escalators played a huge part in this ingenious designs and created drama. Marc Jacobs focused on stripes for his own show but when it came to Vuitton, Jacobs was seeing squares: plenty of them. The sixties style was evident yet again and the models donned beehives and kitten heels to strut their checkerboard creations down the runway. Pencil skirts and maxi-skirts both played a part with demure jackets and crop tops, a staple in Jacobs’ own show. The designs themselves were simple and elegant but the use of the checkerboard pattern and the sixties theme made this show one to remember.

The designers over Fashion Week gave us a few clear messages: graphic patterns like stripes and squares will be all over the high street this season and don’t be afraid to steer clear of the failsafe pastels and try something a bit bolder or darker. Flowers are all in as a usual spring staple but with a twist and make sure you channel that 50s/60s vibe to your hearts content! Keep styling, Em x

Things That Dominated Fashion in 2012

2012 WAS a fantastic year in terms of fashion. We saw many styles come and go throughout the year and unfortunately had to put up with the staying power of others (yes, fake Barbour jackets, I’m talking about you!). The Irish have clung to these styles like a dog to a bone and as soon as you have read this, you’ll notice these items appearing around college like an unofficial uniform!

Lita’s: Jeffrey Campbell brought these gorgeous beauties into our lives and now we can’t get rid of them. At first, they look clumpy but these incredible boots are everywhere now and are the most comfortable heels that anyone can ever buy! If you don’t own a pair of these bad boys, scoot out to the shops for yourself and pick up a pair. I’ve got three pairs of these and the collection is quickly growing, they’re so so comfy and go with everything!

Leather leggings: The leggings trend is one that can be a bit hit and miss. There was the dreaded floral leggings phase that people insisted on doing and of course you still see the odd woman thinking that she can wear those leggings with a very short top. But the leather leggings trend is one that we could get on board with! Half leather trouser, half leggings, how could this combination go wrong? These go with absolutely everything, especially litas!

Dip-Dye: Stemming from someone growing out his or her hair dye, this new ombré trend is now available in a box and is on every fashionista around the world at the moment. For only a few euros, well about 15, you can look like Drew Barrymore or Sophia Bush…providing you want to, of course! I’ve just done this myself and I love the way it adapts to your hairs natural base colour!

Military: 2012 was the year that every person looked like they had joined the army but with a twist. Military print is everywhere, mixed with leather, floral and sequins in an urban, modern twist. Best worn in jacket form with a gorgeous pair of shorts or the aforementioned leather leggings and litas.

Peplum: What self-respecting woman doesn’t have peplum these days? Whether is a skirt or a dress or a top, this style is gorgeous and flattering on just about everyone. A favourite with stars like Kim Kardashian and a huge style in 2012 whether you’re going out or just mooching around during the day, it’s certainly a trend to watch going into the Spring/Summer season in 2013.

Statement Necklaces: Statement necklaces have always been associated with an older generation but in 2012, bloggers went crazy over the statement necklace trend. Best with a plain dress or nice top, these statement necklaces are huge and can be bought anywhere from Penneys to Topshop depending on what you want to spend.

Make sure you keep a look out for these trends; they’ll be sticking around long into the New Year and your spring wardrobe won’t be complete without these!

Keep styling, Em x

How To Style Your Hair This Season

WHEN we enter a new fashion season, we always keep our eyes out for the latest fashion and beauty trends to keep our eyes on the style button. But the last thing we think of is the way we should wear our hair. Hair is one of the most striking elements of a catwalk show, photo-shoot or even a night out, so we’ve come up with the best styles for you to try and achieve this season!

Buns. Whether its high buns or low buns this season, buns have been seen on the catwalks from Diane von Furstenberg to Louis Vuitton. It can be petite like a ballerina bun or a big and bold statement, any bun will do! Keep the hair sleek at the front of your head with a side parting and using hairgrips to lock away those strays. If a simple knot isn’t your thing, try a multi-twist bun like at the Rick Owens catwalk show.

Centre-partings. Not just a hairstyle from Dynasty, centre-partings are now back with a bang. This season, straight lines and wet-look waves are all in style as shown by designers like Roberto Cavalli and Gucci. Think off-duty model and beach ready waves.

Braids, twists and plaits. Add a little princess glamour to a relaxed look by adding a cool double-twisted halo braid or for an easy look, tying back the two front sections of your hair and securing them with a pretty clip at the back of your head. This look was seen at Emilio Pucci, Fendi and Valentino.

Quiffs/Bouffants. Backcomb the hair at the roots and gently comb the front section back over the volumised locks before spraying into place for a classy, regal look, perfect for nights out. This was seen everywhere from Alexander McQueen to Anna Sui. The look isn’t about being sleek so this season, give your bouffant a windswept chic look.

Wavy hair. This means, leave the straighteners down. Sleek straight hair is out and those effortless beach babes waves are here, just listen to your rejoicing hair! Leave it to dry naturally for an easy look, spray your hands with hair spray and rub them through your hair for a tousled style. Burberry Prorsum and Chloe have both used this with neutral make-up for a high fashion look.

Last but not least: accessorise! It’s never been so cool to wear a hairband for that princess look or clips in backcombed hair for a bit of an edge! Everyone from Rodarte to Dolce and Gabbana is accessorizing hair and on the days you don’t want to make an effort, a hairband is the perfect thing to brighten up a dull outfit.

Get those hair ideas flowing and create some masterpieces with your hairstyle. Even if you’re just walking round campus doesn’t mean you can’t look like a supermodel!