Insta-Gods: Who You Should Be Following on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be completely addicted to Instagram. I love being able to open the app and explore the glamorous lives of anyone – celebrity or not – anywhere in the world, get fashion, exercise or home decor inspiration or just follow my favourite celebs. With filters, cropping and editing, it’s possible to make yourself look amazing from a single photo and gives you a little boost of confidence when editing those pictures from last night. But there are so many people on Instagram, it can all be a bit of a blur. So I’ve got a list of some of the best people to follow on Instagram – the people that upload regularly with fabulous pictures or just some inspirational ones! Enjoy!

Millie Mackintosh

I always loved Millie when she was on Made in Chelsea – with her serious loyalty and anger towards men. However, since she has left and married rapper Professor Green, her life has hit the fast lane and she is all about health, fitness and high fashion. She also posts a LOT of dogs!


Anouska Proetta Brandon

Anouska is a fantastic blogger based right here in Dublin and is the unofficial face of Irish blogging. Unlike some who are flashy and flaunt their new-found fame with designer goodies, Anouska has taken several campaigns and brand ambassador titles in her stride and combines unknown and Irish designers with other bigger brands. Working for Guess and other big brands, Anouska is both beautiful and business-savvy, teaming up with brands that suit her and her style. She can be found wandering around Dublin in fabulous ensembles being photographed by her photographer boyfriend Ronan.


 Derek Blasberg

Friend to everyone from Alexa Chung to Cara Delevingne, Derek Blasberg’s Instagram is full of celebrity friendships and glamour. He never seems to be short of a party to go to and always puts up pictures of his escapades with his famous pals!


Holly Shortall

Holly is a fantastic Irish illustrator, a skill that is hard to come by these days. Not only does she get paid for illustrations but her drawings online are done for the love of her job and she has been recognised by everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Lupita Nyong’o for her fabulous red-carpet illustrations. She did the illustration for my website and I’m hoping that I’ll get a personal illustration done one of these days!


Cara Delevingne

Just because. Our new favourite model is just the right amount of crazy and we get to follow her global takeover bit by bit on social media. From tattoos to partying with Rihanna, this Brit girl has the high life and I adore seeing her style choices.


 Kendall Jenner

My favourite of the Kardashian sisters and a fantastic model, Kendall Jenner is definitely on the one-to-watch list. Her mixture of high-fashion shoots and runways with friend selfies reminds us that being young doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. She really is the breakout star of modelling at the moment and we sure hope it continues!


Leanne Woodfull

Another Irish blogging influence, Leanne Woodfull is so passionate about what she does and isn’t afraid to show it. From London Fashion Week to the streets of Dublin, you’ll find her strutting somewhere in some Wednesday Addams-style clothes and badass shoes. Not only is she an advocate for fashion but for life issues and women with body image issues!


British Vogue

If you’re as passionate about fashion as I am, you’ll need to be following at least one edition of Vogue. I’ve always made it known that I’m a huge fan of British fashion so British Vogue would have to be on my list. From must-have products to British models, Vogue has it all and I adore looking at their updates to see what’ll be in the new magazine!


Rachel Iwanyszyn

Rachel is the creator of Jag Lever, a fantastic fashion blog that is a real joy to read. Her unusual, interesting style ensures her place in magazines, on websites and regularly the front page of Lookbook. She looks a little like Zooey Deschanel and rocks plaid and flowers like a boss.


 British GQ

One for the boys, this Instagram account covers everything from London Collections: Men to the latest trends and everything in between. GQ is the perfect mixture of fashion and life issues for men and their coverage of fashion weeks like London Collections: Men are extensive and very in-depth. Definitely one to follow if you’re into male fashion!


Nicole Richie

No longer part of the most ridiculous duo on TV, Nicole Richie is now a fully-fledged fashion icon. Her Instagram feed is a mixture of high-fashion and family snaps, giving us an insight of her glamorous life. Her gorgeous clothes and hairstyles are inspiration for many and the pictures of her husband and children are so sweet, I really do love looking at her account.


Lorraine Candy

Lorraine is the editor of Elle UK and is a fantastic role model. Juggling a hectic work schedule with four children is no easy task but Lorraine seems to manage it all, while looking fabulous to boot. She gives us sneak previews of runway shows, Elle stories and snippets from her own fabulous life, covering a little bit of everything!


There are so many interesting people to follow on Instagram, these are just some of the ones that I love! Go searching on the app and you’ll never know who or what you might find! If you want to give my account a follow, click here for my updates (yes I’m that person that Instagrams her food!) and you might see something interesting! All pictures are courtesy of the individual’s Instagram account.

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My Emmy Fashion Picks

The Emmys are one of the biggest nights of the year in Hollywood and it’s only fitting that there should be some fabulous style to go along with it. All of our favourite actors and actresses from Breaking Bad to Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory to Modern Family were gracing the red carpet in their finery and there was a plethora of amazing style! You may remember back in May that I spoke about the lacking fashion at this years style events, from the Met Ball to the Oscars. However the Emmy Award attendees really stepped it up this year and I’ve decided to show you some of my favourites. We saw a few trends emerging from last night’s red carpet – strong blues, pale pinks and creams and some florals thrown in there. These dominated a lot of the outfits worn by our favourite actresses but each managed to wear it their own way. Sometimes we can see the dress completely outshining women but last night, these A-listers made sure that they wore the dress, not the other way round! Have a look and see and let me know who you think I’ve missed!


Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men in Delpozo


Allison Williams from Girls in cobult blue Ralph Lauren


Christina Hendricks of Mad Men looking amazing in Christian Siriano


Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss looking less than dowdy in monochrome Andrew Gn


As much as I hated Homeland‘s Claire Danes’ choice of attire (TOO PALE, CLAIRE!), her husband and Hannibal actor Hugh Dancy looks sharp!


Although I hated the trend of pale women wearing light colours on the red carpet, Kate Mara pulled off this J Mendal lace number!


This photo makes me laugh so much! Leslie Mann looking hot in J Mendal as Girls creator husband Judd Apatow looks on!


Much controversy about this Prada dress but I think it suits Girls creator Lena Dunham down to the ground!


Lena Headey of Game of Thrones looking very sultry in a black lace gown


Although she played it safe, New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel looks stunning in ice blue J Mendal


Emmy Winner Tina Fey looked incredible in cobalt blue Narciso Rodriguez


Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara looked smoking hot in Vera Wang


Rose Byrne looks stunning in custom made Calvin Klein


Yes Elisabeth Moss gets two! This dress for the HBO Emmy party fits Moss like a dream!


Nikki Reed looks fab in a navy jumpsuit and teal clutch for the HBO Emmy Party

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Spotlight On: Colin Horgan


September 5-8 saw the hugely popular Dublin Fashion Festival return to our fair capital for its fourth consecutive year. The DFF, this year hosted by the stunning Laura Whitmore, is a celebration of innovative and home-grown fashion and style, awarding and showcasing some of the best talent Ireland has to offer. One such talent is Colin Horgan, a designer in his final year at Limerick School of Art and Design. Only showing his second ever collection, Colin Horgan was the jewel in the crown of DFF 2013 and had bloggers and journalists alike fawning over his collection. I took some time out with Colin Horgan to ask about his inspirations, new collection and plans for the future…

colin horgan

colin horgan

EM:What started your interest in fashion design?
CH:For me, it is the ability to translate something from 2D to 3D and be able to wear it. It is just amazing how abstract you can be and translate it onto the body into a merchandisable piece.

EM:How did the ‘Colin Horgan’ brand first come about?
CH: It literally only started a couple of months ago when I was in my third year at college. I thought it was a bit mad but I wanted to do it to create contacts before I graduate. I then thought it was good to stay in touch with these connections while creating new ones, which led me to have a SS14 runway during Dublin Fashion Festival this year before returning to my final year at Limerick School of Art and Design.

EM:Tell me a little about the SS14 collection,showcased at Dublin Fashion Festival, and where the inspiration for it came from?
CH:The inspiration came from a movie – ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’. It was an abstract and more conceptual approach so I began drawing and illustrating geometric shapes onto the body and began slicing and separating them which represented the characters, Romina and Luke’s relationship. I used mainly a lot of leathers so there is a lot of raw edges and applications onto softer, more feminine fabrics. Most of the collection was in black and white but injected some cobalt blue and almost fluorescent orange that gave an almost uncomfortable surprise.

colin horgan

colin horgan

EM: In its fourth year, Dublin Fashion Festival is a huge celebration of Irish design talent, how did it feel to have your SS14 collection showcased?
CH:I think it went well! To be honest the day went so fast that I didn’t feel it happened until a day after. The first show that you attended – I’m not going to lie I was extremely nervous. But I had such an amazing team that day. From the modelling agency all the ways down to the stylist to the photographer and film crew it really was a team effort that showed that day. Friends and family were helping out and it was such a positive energy backstage, which always helps.

EM:Your designs in the past have given women the ability to wear the androgynous look, while your new collection has a more feminine touch. Do you think your designs will appeal to a wider audience as ready-to-wear clothing?
CH: Yes I would hope so! Hopefully I can ease women back into wearing androgynous silhouettes with this collection!

EM:Who is the new collection aimed at? Who is the ‘Colin Horgan’ customer?
I think anyone that can feel a strong connection with my work should be a potential customer.

colin horgan

colin horgan

EM:A lot of your designs embody strong, warrior-like women with monochrome and sharp lines and shapes. Where did the idea of these pieces first come about?
CH:I love creating characters, especially these strong women type. Women are quite powerful and should be embraced as such. I think I just have a particular way of seeing women and try to communicate through sharp lines and silhouettes.

EM:What do you think it is that sets your designs apart from other designers?CH: I guess I believe in my work. I love to look at other designers and I would imagine that they all believe in their own work also.

colin horgan

EM:With the popularity of your designs, are you going to be expanding sales or do you like the exclusive availability?
CH:I am not sure. It is difficult as even though Ireland is amazing at appreciating craft, fashion and contemporary design – I am not sure if the market for young and upcoming design is there yet. But I could be wrong; this is only my personal experience.

colin horgan

EM: You’ve interned with designers such as David Andersen and Johanna Pihl, what experiences and tips did you learn from your time with such talented designers?

CH:Be open to learning, listen and absorb every aspect of the experience. Even when you think you’re not learning, you are.

EM:Ireland has a plethora of high profile and fantastic designers, including you. Have you any advice for the young new designers starting their careers?

CH:Thank you! I do think I have a bit to go. Technically I haven’t been in the business very long as I am in my 2nd season. But I think if I were to advise in any way I think having a plan is so important. Fashion is one of those things that time can go so fast and all of sudden its a week until your deadline. For me having a plan really works.

colin horgan

Go visit Colin’s website and his Facebook page for updates on his work.

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Nuclear Wintour Bans Westwood Statue

So its the Met Ball Costume Institute Gala tonight in New York tonight and everyone who is anyone is going to be there! In the last number of years, fashion enthusiasts have been watching as the most stylish celebrities in the world gather for one spectacular event. I’ll be posting about my favourite dresses and the horrors that some celebrities will inevitably wear, just like I did last year (see here).

But of course, before the event starts, there will always be a bit of drama and this year, its courtesy of the editor of American Vogue. Anna Wintour has banned a naked sculpture of Vivienne Westwood that was to be displayed at the Met Ball in New York tonight.

The 40-foot statue of punk designer Westwood made from Styrofoam and laying across an old mattress, was supposed to take prime position at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute but Wintour made the snap decision a couple of weeks ago to cancel the installation.

The glittering fashion ball extravaganza launches the annual fashion exhibition at the famous museum and hosts the biggest stars on the planet. Beyoncé has been named as the honorary chair of this year’s Costume Institute Gala, alongside Anna Wintour herself and designers like Riccardo Tisci, who is in the news, having designed costumes for a ballet production at the Opéra de Paris. Mrs Carter née Knowles had one of the standout dresses last year wearing a sheer Givenchy dress designed by Tisci.

This year’s event is dubbed Punk: Chaos to Couture and a nod to the original punk designer 72-year-old Vivienne Westwood was the obvious choice. However, the infamous editor of American Vogue took offence to the sculpture that was going to have graffiti projections on it and has cancelled its installation, calling it a needless distraction. The demanding businesswoman that is dubbed ‘Nuclear Wintour’, I assume because of the fear she induces in people, made the quick decision to get rid of Westwood’s sculpture.

There has never been evidence of a public feud between Vivienne Westwood and Anna Wintour – but many are speculating after this rash decision to cut her piece from the exhibition. Ms Wintour has never been seen in the front row of any of Westwood’s shows at London Fashion Week and has never attended one of her shows even though she makes the pilgrimage to London town to see other shows by British designers. Wintour, the undeniable Queen of Fashion, favours sharp tailoring and clean lines from designers such as Victoria Beckham.

Fashion photographer Nick Knight, creative consultant for the Met Ball, used a 25ft statue of Naomi Campbell in the same way as part of a fashion event in Somerset House in 2009.

Stay tuned tomorrow when I’ll update you on the best and worst dresses of the Met Ball (in my opinion) and have a look at the fantastic fashion that graces the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum this year!

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Is Fashion Now All About The Shock Factor?

THE FASHION industry is that intersection where the subtle meets the extreme and the innovative meets the downright crazy. Each season, designers have to come up with new ways to stay on top of the game, making their collections and catwalk shows as theatrical as possible, ensuring their show sticks in your mind. But when does the crazy become too crazy?

There has been uproar in the fashion industry the last six months over the infamous brand Yves Saint Laurent. A fashion house that has been at the forefront of the industry, YSL was taken over by a new creative director last year called Hedi Slimane to shake things up, and by god he did. When taking over a company that is so established, it is usually a risk changing anything but Slimane went one step further and changed the brand name to Saint Laurent, a move that had many critics speechless.

Since his time in the newly named Saint Laurent, Slimane has pushed the boat out on a number of projects. For the new menswear line, he chose a very unlikely candidate to front the campaign – Marilyn Manson. As part of the latest series of ads being debuted this month – titled the Music Project – Manson and other musicians such as Courtney Love will be featured in a move that is set to ‘cement the ties with the music industry’. But why?

The fashion industry loves a challenge. It loves having something to analyse and ponder about. But did Slimane push it a bit too far? With only a year in charge of one of the biggest fashion houses on the planet, he has altered everything he can about its original form, including its name. When John Galliano took the helm at Christian Dior all those years ago, he made it his own but he still stayed respectful and truthful to its original designer, who made the line as successful as it was. So why can’t Slimane do this?

Of course, he is not the first designer to try the shock factor to get the critics talking. Back in 2012, Tom Ford edited an issue of Vogue Paris and used young girls in his Cadeaux editorial, including 10-year-old Thylane Blondeau. Many were up in arms about the way these young girls were posing and the make-up and clothing they had on. This led to a huge controversy about the use of young models and led in part to the setting up of the Vogue Health Initiative.

In a piece entitled, “Why Tom Ford was right to photograph vamped up six-year-olds,” Libby Banks of MyDaily UK wrote: “Ford has created a dialogue about the fashion industry’s attitude to age; in an industry where teenage models are encouraged to have the physique of a small child in order to promote women’s clothing, surely the next ‘logical’ step is to use a small child to model grownup fashion. It’s meant to be absurd and offensive.”

It appears that the fashion industry has bowed down to this shock factor need. No collection or show is enough without the prospect of it blowing you out of your seat and that means a bleak future for some in the industry. It will be interesting to see how critics react when the Music Project is unveiled later this month and for Slimane’s sake, hope it doesn’t go down like a lead balloon!

How To: Get The Right Dress For Your Shape – Olivia Golding

So it seems that you guys loved Olivia’s guest blog that I posted a couple of weeks ago (see here) so she’s back with another blog, full with tips on how to find the right dress for your shape. This is a subject that both Olivia and myself are very passionate about, dressing your best to suit your figure and we both hope you enjoy this guest post as much as I did!

How To Find The Right Dress For Your Shape

If you’re anything like me, dress shopping can be an absolute nightmare. It’s not just about finding the right dress to fit your broad shoulders and back but small chest; or a dress that doesn’t swamp your short frame but it long enough to look elegant and grown-up. Nope, it’s about finding a dress that fits the whole package. You want a dress that makes you look and feel sensational and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Finding the right dress is less about the colour and more about the fit. Rather than focusing on the size on the label, you should pay attention to how you feel. Here’s how to find the right dress for your shape.


Pear-shaped ladies have a small top half and a bigger bottom half so they tend to have fairly wide hips and bums. The good news for you if you’re a pear shape is that many styles of dresses suit you. The type that most flatters your assets is a prom style dress.

Look out for dresses that are fitted on top and then flare out from the waist. This will emphasise your tiny waist but also cover up wider areas. Pear-shaped ladies usually have small frames up top which means that you can work a strapless dress, a halterneck, or even a high neck dress. Try to avoid v-shaped necklines though as they will make you look even smaller up top which could unbalance your body’s proportions.


The hourglass shape is the classic womanly figure – think Marilyn Monroe for this one. Opt for a bodycon dress to really accentuate all of your womanly curves. The great thing about bodycon is that it’s made from stretchy material so it will cling to your form and emphasis your small waist and curvaceous figure. If you’re bigger on the chest area, opt for a v-shaped neckline, whilst ladies with a smaller chest can choose high-neck and round-shaped necklines.

Wrap dresses also look great on you as they pull you in around the waist where your body is the narrowest. Choose an on-trend midi wrap dress for a look that’s the height of fashion this season. Floral prints are great for adding feminine touches.


If you have few curves and are slim, you’re the slender body type. This body shape is great for wearing dresses. You can choose dresses made from flimsy material or figure hugging dresses. Try to keep your dress high necked and cinched in at the waist to showcase what curves you have.

You can add curves with a wide and bright waist belt. Try to veer away from v-shaped necklines and instead go for a girly heart-shaped neckline to really flatter your dainty figure.


Petite ladies may find it difficult to choose a dress that doesn’t swamp their small frame. If you’re petite, a great option for you is a short dress. Whilst this may be a daring look for those with long legs, your shorter frame will mean that the hemline falls at a respectable length that is enough above the knees to look sassy, but long enough to look respectable.

Avoid baggy styles as they will make you look shorter and instead opt for figure hugging dresses. You could try a dress with a dipped hemline (that’s shorter at the front and long at the back) for a classy evening do as this will help your legs to look longer. Remember to wear heels to elongate your legs and look for dresses in the petite section of the store as they will fall in the right places on your body.

Author bio

This post was contributed by Olivia Golding (hey!). Emily has already given me the opportunity of guest posting on her wonderful blog, and now I return with a post that I hope you beautiful readers will find useful! There’s nothing less flattering than wearing a dress that doesn’t fit you properly, so I hope this post sheds light on what to wear to enhance your figure, whatever it may be! Now that summer is round the corner, I’m looking forwarded to wearing these dresses myself and not having to wear layer upon layer. Will you be using these tips for your summer wear? Let us know in the comments section below!

Keep styling, Em x

Beyoncé Collaborates with DSquared2

So, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past three months, you’ve probably escaped the news that Beyoncé is doing another world tour. That O2 ad with the awful song has been plaguing our televisions for way too long now and its only about to get worse when she starts on the Mrs Carter world tour this week!

What we can love in the video is the fantastic theatrical outfit Beyoncé has on in the video, very Marie Antoinette and Parisian! Long gone are the days when we had our favourite acts prancing around on stage wearing hideous cheap outfits like PVC or pastel matching numbers (see everything Steps wore…ahh the 90s!).

It has been revealed this week that the designers behind this fabulous look are none other than DSquared2 – lucky lady! Twins Dean and Dan Caten, the geniuses behind the Italian brand are custom-making an outfit for Jay-Z’s better half for he upcoming world tour. They aren’t revealing anything about the outfit yet but a spokesperson has said that the outfit will be a ‘show-stopper’ and will be in line with their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, very reminiscent of 90s supermodels.

The spokesperson said, “Beyoncé chooses to wear a unique outfit created exclusively for her by Dean and Dan Caten, inspired by an item from the 2013 spring/summer Glamazon catwalk show”.

DSquared2 are known for their spectacular catwalk shows in the past – with recreations of festival grounds, a high-school dance and an underground rave – the perfect scene for their amazing collections.

Beyoncé collaborating with DSquared2 is a shrewd move for both parties, one being the biggest global superstar in the world right now and the other, an innovative design team that fly just under the radar enough to be extra-desirable. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how this partnership turns out and to get a glimpse of this ‘show-stopping’ number.

The Mrs Carter tour begins in Belgrade, Serbia on April 15 and finishes on August 5 in Brooklyn, her husband’s hometown.