Milan Fashion Week always seems the most high fashion of the fashion week season. From the street style to the frow to the runway, this city really is the European fashion capital from head-to-toe. As expected, the high-end design houses of Milan such as Prada, Gucci and Versace gave us something that New York and London didn’t: couture mixed with wearable designs.

milan fashion week

Gucci gave us a bright and airy collection that seemed a little out of place for A/W but was lovely all the same. The designs were displayed in a number of pastel and subtle shades in a move that is usually reserved for springtime collections. The cuts and designs were simple and elegant, providing us with aspirations for a gorgeous wardrobe. Prada seemed to do exactly the opposite – veering towards fabrics, colours and patterns that were heavier and darker. Furs, silks and wools were displayed in deep reds, navy and black and Miuccia Prada made sure we were set for the inevitable cool winter.

milan fashion week

Emporio Armani went back to basics and focused on the suit and the little black dress. There was an emphasis on tailoring and modernising the basic suit – making it durable and wearable for the modern woman, although there was a slight hint of Charlie Chaplin surrounding some of the suits. There were some beautiful tailored dresses that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of and the entire collection screamed class and elegance – another win for Giorgio Armani.

milan fashion week

Like Gucci, Versace played around with colour but used much darker and richer tones. The turquoises, reds, yellows and monochrome shades were emphasised on evening wear and party dresses, mixing silk and lace in a rock-chick way that only Donatella Versace can muster up. Roberto Cavalli was also all about the drama and did everything with just a touch of fur. The collection was full of electric tones – deep blues, reds and raven black. There was just a touch of theatrics about the collection, which is why we all adore Cavalli’s work, and this season, he didn’t disappoint.

milan fashion weekDolce & Gabbana was easily my favourite show of Milan Fashion Week. Not only did the two designers have some beautiful couture designs, but also they added that little bit of fun and divilment to the collection with animal cartoons and sketches. Using deep colours, designs and fabrics, the geniuses behind Dolce & Gabbana created a collection that every woman can wear and would be proud to have in their wardrobe. The fun and flirty styles and patterns made this a very easy collection to re-create at home, and best of all it looks warm and comfortable. Pretty much ideal for the Irish winters, right?

milan fashion week

This Milan Fashion Week didn’t disappoint – it very rarely does. All designers involved seemed to up their game and present us with collections that were both ready-to-wear and extremely high fashion. The use of colours and fabrics made us look forward to getting back into those winter woollies again without having to compromise our fashion sense. Next is Paris Fashion Week…who else is looking forward to that gorgeous French fashion?

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Thrifty Budget Buys: My Favourite Stores

We all know that shopping can be a little hard on the wallet and it’s always a thrill to find new stores that will facilitate a shopping addiction without breaking the bank! I’ve received quite a few emails from people wondering what my favourite stores to pick up a bargain are and my tips for thrifty shopping! I’ve got quite a few favourite stores and websites that I couldn’t live without and are my first port of call when I am looking for something in particular! So here are my tips, tricks and favourite shops to pick up a fantastic bargain without paying sky-high prices!


H&M is one of my favourite shops on the planet for two reasons. Firstly, the price – it has simple pieces and pretty much everything you could want at some very affordable prices and secondly, the minimalism and quality of their clothing. It’s one of those shops that constantly has a sale on and you can always find something in there to buy with the change in your purse! Some of my favourite wardrobe staples is from the Swedish retail giant and their simple shirts are fantastic for everyday and interview outfits!

My H&M Wishlist

Visit the website here! 1. Jeans. 2. White Silk Top. 3. Black dress. 4. Khaki Top. 5. Patterned skirt. 6. Sunflower Sunglasses

Visit the website here! 1. Jeans. 2. White Silk Top. 3. Black dress. 4. Khaki Top. 5. Patterned skirt. 6. Sunflower Sunglasses


My favourite online store, this site is amazing! It has everything from top designers and brands like Three Floor, Stella McCartney, Ted Baker, American Apparel and Paul Smith to stuff that is cheap and cheerful! The best thing in my opinion is finding brands and shops that you’ve never even heard of for pieces that will be unique to your wardrobe! When you’re looking for something in particular, it’s so easy to just type it in and compare designs and prices from loads of different brands, to find the item to suit you the most!

There are always vouchers on sites like UNIDAYS (if you’re a student) or to get a sweet little deal on whatever you’re buying, and I’ve bought everything from Kindle cases and purses to dresses on ASOS, all at great prices! Most of the clothes offer ‘catwalk videos’ giving you a real life view of what the outfit will look like and BEST OF ALL (yes it gets better!) there is free delivery…on everything! What more could you want?!

My ASOS Wishlist

Visit the website here! 1. Nail Varnish. 2. Disco Pants. 3. Lipstick. 4. Brogues. 5. Dress. 6. Handbag. 7. Satchel

Visit the website here! 1. Nail Varnish. 2. Disco Pants. 3. Lipstick. 4. Brogues. 5. Dress. 6. Handbag. 7. Satchel

3. Missguided

Missguided is another great website that caters to everyone’s needs! They have cheap and cheerful clothes and most of my going-out dresses come from Missguided! The brand have the same prices as Boohoo but the quality is far better and there is far more choice! You can get everything from lita boots to great hats and everything in between. The postage is quite pricey but if you take advantage of vouchers, it won’t be too hard on the wallet! I always recommend the site to people who are looking for going-out clothes and summer holiday outfits as most of their clothing is bright and colourful. If you’re looking for something on trend and purse-friendly, look no further than Missguided!

My Missguided Wishlist

4. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a relatively new favourite of mine. When I was travelling in Europe last summer, it was fantastic to drop into a Forever 21 store and pick up some staple clothing like shorts and tank tops for really cheap! They always do simple pieces for really cheap and some of their stuff is of surprisingly good quality for the cost! Again, they have very on trend stuff and I would definitely look on their website/instore if I’m in Dublin and I’m looking for something in particular! One thing it’s amazing for is accessories as you can see below!

My Forever 21 Wishlist

Visit the website here! 1. Wrist cuff. 2. Chiffon skirt. 3. Clutch bag. 4. Spike Necklace. 5. Heels

Visit the website here! 1. Wrist cuff. 2. Chiffon skirt. 3. Clutch bag. 4. Spike Necklace. 5. Heels

5. Dorothy Perkins

I LOVE Dorothy Perkins! It’s one of the best shops on the high street to get pieces like blazers and structured dresses and I’ve got some pieces in my wardrobe that I absolutely love from DP. It’s part of the Arcadia Group with other stores like Topshop and Miss Selfridge, run by Sir Philip Green, which, in my opinion, always delivers on style and quality! Some people hate the Kardashians but I do love some of their pieces for Dorothy Perkins and as I have boobs and a bum, their bodycon dresses suit a figure like mine! During their sale times, you can pick up some fabulous pieces in stores or online for absolutely anything!

My Dorothy Perkins Wishlist

Visit the website here! 1. Leather jacket. 2. Cream tote. 3. Flower ring. 4. Blue dress. 5. Black tote. 6. Leather leggings. 7. Black bodycon dress

Visit the website here! 1. Leather jacket. 2. Cream tote. 3. Flower ring. 4. Blue dress. 5. Black tote. 6. Leather leggings. 7. Black bodycon dress

A few quick tips and tricks to get your thrifty shop on:

  • When going online stores, makes sure you check out voucher sites, especially ones like or UNIDAYS to see that you’re getting the best deal you possibly can!
  • If delivery is free or a lot cheaper than it is to Ireland, think about ordering through Parcel Motel, a service that only costs 3.50 (free for the first three stays) and ships it to Belfast before diverting it to your nearest ‘Motel’, all details on the website and its a fantastic service!
  • When looking for dresses, put the ‘price low to high’ button on and you’ll find the best deals!
  • If you follow certain brands on Facebook/Twitter etc, you’ll find out about some deals, discount codes, sales and competitions and you may just get a delightful surprise!
  • Put the name of the item you have chosen into eBay and see if you can get your selection at a much lower price, through either pre-loved or wholesale
  • If you’re using websites like ASOS, put the price filter on the site to avoid spending over-budget!
  • Try buy in-store if possible, delivery charges can be pricey, especially if you have that shop in your town and the item is in stock
  • If you’re looking for something interesting and individual, try shopping vintage or second-hand – you never know what you might find and it’ll definitely be different from everyone else!

If you have any more questions or queries about thrifty shopping or some, please give me a shout because I always love to hear from you all! And hey, if thrifty shopping is good enough for Macklemore, it’s good enough for the rest of us!

Much love & keep styling, Em x