All About The Casual

It’s so easy to covet dressing up in flowing finery as soon as the summer approaches, pulling those beautiful dresses and tailored chinos out from the back of your wardrobe. April is just in the door and I’ve already packed away all my dark clothes and am embracing the imminent summer. But duty calls, and we must attend college and it’s not always convenient to wear your best clothes when sitting in a lecture hall for six hours a day.

This Fashionista has gotten everything right for a chic but comfortable campus outfit. The ensemble is effortless, from the cool, breezy stripes to the canvas boat shoes and is sure to make everyone who sees it want to put a bit of summer into their own wardrobe. But not only do her clothes complement each other perfectly, her accessories scream style and fluidity using blues and reds on gold for a chic combination.

The casual, slouchy look is all about, yes you guessed it: being casual. Don’t worry about everything matching or looking perfect, perfect is boring. Throw on your favourite jeans with a plain tee or a stylish print for the cool factor and bring your favourite slouchy jacket along for that inevitable afternoon shade. Canvas shoes or ballet pumps are always a safe and comfy option when it comes to jeans and ideal for when you’re running between classes that are always on the opposite ends of campus. Of course, don’t forget the essential accessories: the over-the-shoulder tote and sunglassesthat are sure to let everyone know how effortlessly cool your style really is.

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