Back To The Future

Leather jackets have always been somewhat of a divided issue in fashion. Some find them passé or stuck in the 90’s and I’ll admit, sometimes they are when the cut or style isn’t right. However, others still love them ever since they came back into fashion some years ago and I’m one of these believers who reckon they’re always in style.

Admittedly, I never owned one for a long time, but since I finally relented two years ago, I’ve never looked back. My plain cropped leather jacket goes with absolutely everything, dresses, jeans, skirts, you name the challenge and I’ll meet it. I love the way Kate Moss can accessorise one and I make it my aspiration to re-create some of her looks, however outlandish they may be. Yet, I’ve always had one pet peeve: coloured leather jackets.

So I surprised myself the other day when I was faced with this beautifully supple grey leather jacket and my rule went out the window. I coveted this coat so much. The leather jacket is such a statement piece and should be part of every woman’s wardrobe if they can wear them properly and this one was worn so right.

Teamed with a simple pair of skinny jeans and black leather boots, it was the perfect combination for an early spring day. Having just shaken the snow and the rain from our winter coats, the sun came out long enough for us all to wear something a little lighter to stroll around campus in and this ensemble was ideal.

To achieve this look yourself is unbelievably simple. A muted leather jacket is perfect for the summer in a dove grey or tan colour, most find black or brown too dark for spring. These leather jackets from Mango may be a bit pricey but they are beautiful investment pieces and are teamed perfectly with skinny jeans or a beautiful casual dress. The collarless cut makes it very casual and works like a dream if you have good bone structure. This tan one from Gap is also a beautiful piece and will go with every outfit imaginable.

So since the sun is finally coming out, why not go out and invest in a new leather jacket to put with that floral dress you have, or the flirty skirt or even just a pair of jeans?  With a look that is so easy to create, where can you go wrong?

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