Joining The Style Army

This spring, it’s not about the dark colours.

As we move out of the cold weather, we’re banishing all of the blacks and navys out of our wardrobes to make room for something a little fresher and this year, its khaki.

While Cheryl Cole was fighting for her love in 2009, the military trend was all the rage. Everywhere we looked we saw the gold thread, buttons and structured frames reminiscent of a toy soldier. But as quick as it arrived, the trend stopped and the most you could get away with was a small brocade jacket.

Fast forward to 2012 and the military trend is being seen all over the catwalk for autumn/winter 2012 in the peaked caps, tight trousers and coats, there is a little bit of military style for everyone. Not just in the usual greens and navys, there is a host of colours from black to red to yellow and every colour in between. Moschino’s show in Milan showcased this perfectly, using all fabrics and styles to recreate the soldier look, even using leather jackets. A little tip, if you’re investing in a leather jacket for the autumn: don’t go biker, go military.

This Fashionista is bang on with the military trend, from her khaki overcoat to the high ponytail and slim-cut trousers. Not only is she dressed for the harsh weather, the accessories go perfectly with the entire ensemble. A simple leather satchel is the ideal bag for the fashion-forward college student and her scarf adds a splash of colour to an otherwise very simple outfit.

Creating your military trend is easy; come autumn, the shops will be bursting with the military style. But if you want to incorporate it into your wardrobe with a style that will last beyond one season, invest in a khaki coat or a coat with a lot of buttons or maybe a pair of flat leather boots. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to accessorise to make it pop!


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