Keeping It Green


There is nothing like the colour green in the summer. Whether it’s on the trees, the grass or in our wardrobe, green is the colour of all the seasons, but especially spring. Injecting a little piece of green into your wardrobe in the form of a pair of shorts, skirt or T-shirt can make the world of difference to your mood and complexion. Most of all, it’s a colour that suits pretty much everyone. Green has been seen all over the catwalks for this season, from a light mint green to a moss colour and I for one embrace it!

This Fashionisto has gotten the green trend down to a fine art, combining the cool hue with a light wearable outfit perfect for walking around campus. The casual polo neck T-shirt never goes out of style for men and teaming it with a comfortable pair of jeans and sneakers gives him that effortlessly cool air that so many men crave during the warm months. 

Recreating the look is simple and all men should have these earthy tones in their wardrobe to complement their summer ensembles. Having several polo neck T-shirts is a staple in a lot of men’s collection and they are an essential that suits every male. Pairing these with anything from comfortable jeans to casual shorts and everything in between is easy as long as you have the right colours. Finish this off with a pair of simple shoes and a cool pair of sunglasses to create an outfit that is stylish, comfortable and campus-worthy!

You can read the full article here at: This is my last ever post for CollegeFashionista!


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