Keeping It Simple

It’s hard to dress for the autumn/winter transitional months when you think about it. The hard choices of whether to wrap up in a big coat or just wear a light cotton jacket, or if it’s time to put those beloved boots back into the depths of the wardrobe or if you can still wear leggings without your legs turning a tinge of Smurf-colour!

When walking through the beautiful campuses of Ireland, it can be a bit like Russian roulette for a fashion-spotting hound like myself. Sometimes it can be a great day and it’s possible to pull much inspiration from the surrounding fashionable students, sporting the latest colours and trends. Unfortunately, there are other perhaps more sombre times, usually in the rain, when these enigmatic Fashionistas hide for fear of getting their beautiful threads wet. Maybe they’re right, I’m currently hiding under a doorway to keep my trench coat from getting soaked, possibly missing the point of its purchase, but what can you do, it’s too pretty for rain!

So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across this simple, chic outfit that couldn’t be seen as out of place walking down the cobbled streets of London, Paris or Milan, never mind University of Limerick! From the plaid scarf that is precisely on trend, all the way down to the distressed army boots, there is always a danger in the fashion industry for playing it safe and simple but this is bang on the mark. The magenta jeans, maybe a careless choice that morning, clashed beautifully with the stark coloured jacket, top and bag and set off the tones in the scarf perfectly.

I certainly hope that more Fashionistas will be following suit and braving the harsh Irish elements to strut their stuff down the miniature streets of UL, even if it’s to restore my faith in the fashion sense of the fabulous Irish people. Recreating this look is so easy and looks gorgeous on just about everyone, just putting a few simple accessories together works wonders. Sometimes, spending money on key pieces like leather jackets and accessories can make all the difference, and hitting Topshop, River Island and Dorothy Perkins, or a quality vintage shop (if you’re lucky enough to live near one!) can always guarantee you a couple of statement pieces to have people talking!

So this week, the style advice would be sometimes, it’s best to stay simple because if you do it right, simple is incredibly chic!

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