Never Judge a Book


10FEB ’12


Ireland is sometimes no man’s land when it comes to a unique sense of style and flair in the male fashion stakes. The male population, especially of college age, can usually be divided into two main categories: the guys who just don’t care and really we’re quite lucky that they put on clothes at all and the Hollister flock, dressed head to toe in the brand that’s okay when sparsely worn but seems to spread like a virus until you realise you wear no other labels. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but in my eyes, there is nothing better than a man with a bit of fashion creativity and most of all raw style — and this man certainly has a bucket-load of each.

This Fashionisto does a remarkable job of mixing everyday clothes with his own fashionable twist. You don’t appreciate the style and effort that went into the outfit at first but taking a second look, you can notice the little touches that make this ensemble what it is. The slender fitted jeans, the checkered scarf, the printed converse; no matter how average this outfit first looks, taking a second glance can guarantee a very formidable sight, even if it’s just to admire the bracelets that mismatchedly complement his look.

It can sometimes be a very rare but uplifting occurrence when you see a man sporting a casual school outfit of this caliber but when you do spot the enigma that’s a little like a “Where’s Wally?” puzzle, it can be a life-changing experience, especially when you don’t see it that often. For a bit of a twist, try some coloured jeans or a pair of military boots to shake the whole look up a bit and to keep people talking!

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