Sheer Class

Sheer blouses are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why.  Everytime one walks into a high street shop, there are racks and racks of light fabrics, bright colours and beautiful patterns. With any Fashionista worth her salt having a wardrobe stocked with these designs, it’s clear to see that these blouses are here to stay for more seasons to come.

This piece is a good investment for any fashionable woman, it’s easy to wear, can be dressed up and dressed down and best of all, it suits any outfit. Thrown over jeans, teamed with leather leggings and heels or tucked into a skirt, there are 101 ways to work this piece to come up with a pleasing ensemble.

This Fashionista has just the right amount of color and in the right palette to pull off this statement blouse. By leaving her bottom half plain and dressing up the top half, the outfit doesn’t look cluttered or out of control. The quilted ballet pumps set the ensemble off nicely to make a formidable match. The best thing about this outfit is, all you need to bring it into evening wear is to throw on a pair of heels.

To recreate this look is so easy. Invest in a fabulous sheer blouse of your choice, because, trust me; you’ll be wearing it all the time! Buying a few key pieces to go with these blouses is best: your favourite skinny jeans, jeggings or even a pair of rocker shorts.
There are so many ways you can pull off this look and its one of the few looks that absolutely everyone can try and feel comfortable in, from the tomboys to the princesses. So give the sheer blouse a try, you never know how good you’ll look, and feel.

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