Short’s Are A Man’s Best Friend

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Shorts Are A Man’s Best Friend

There is so much emphasis put on what women should be wearing during the summer but almost nothing about the fate of the male wardrobe. As soon as the warm weather happens, we completely change our collection, the colours, the material, the length, but we never really pay attention to what our boyfriends, brothers, and guy friends are all wearing as soon as the sun starts shining. Countless magazines are issued on summer style, but what is the male summer style?

This Fashionisto is a prime example of how a man should dress during the warm months. While still keeping his outfit casual for classes, he has made his ensemble completely chic without the look of trying too hard. From the clashing prints of his T-shirt and shorts all the way down to his handy backpack for college essentials, this Fashionisto has got the effortlessly cool look down to a tee, using warm bright colours and formidable prints to stake his place on the fashion radar.

Men, this look is a lot easier to put together than you think, as you most likely have every piece in your wardrobe already. If not, it’s still so simple. Pick out a couple of well fitting casual t-shirts orcotton shirts that go with anything, these essentials will always come in handy whether its summer or winter. If you’re buying a pair of shorts for the summer, knee-length ones like these are a great style and suit every man. Then it’s your choice for footwear but canvas shoes or flip-flops like this Fashionisto’s are advisable to make the outfit look as casual and cool as possible.

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