Summer Denim


In the summer, we’re out and about so much every day that it can be a struggle to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new to last you all season long. As a rule, most Fashionistas have tonnes of wee shorts and skirts and an array of T-shirts to last through the warm months. But, there is one thing that we women can always rely on: the denim skirt.

The denim skirt is the perfect item to have in one’s wardrobe for the long hot months and should be a part of everyone’s seasonal range in some form. There are countless styles and ways to wear adenim skirt; you can dress it up or down and it matches almost any piece in your collection. Not only is it a great piece of clothing, but it’s comfortable, casual and it’s such a chameleon piece when you know how to accessorise it. The denim skirt can even be worn again in the winter with a pair of tights and boots to create a warm, yet cool look.

This Fashionista put a real twist on the concept of the denim skirt by wearing a ra-ra skirt. This piece is beautiful, flattering and is a perfect match for the simple black T-shirt and pumps that she is wearing to match. My advice would be to invest in a denim skirt this summer. It doesn’t have to be the classic straight denim skirt or the mini, you can shake it up like this Fashionista has and keep it classy and simple with a T-shirt and accessories. Teaming this with a pair of light shoes can give your outfit that relaxed beach vibe that is coveted for the summer with little expense and effort.

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