The Classic Skinny Jean

There is one trend that clings on from year to year, through all four seasons and whatever occasions you may find yourself attending: the skinny jean.

The perfect pair of skinny jeans is an elusive thing, as one often desires to find a pair that matches your figure perfectly and complements your shape. I myself have never found this Holy Grail of pants; the perfect pair of skinny jeans to make me look like a brunette Claudia Schiffer.

However this Fashionista has the spring trend bang on: a pair of well-fitting plain denim skinny jeans with plain nude pumps and a T-shirt. This outfit is perfect for a warm spring day and comfortable enough to wear in class for the day. What’s great about these pants is that if you’re going out that night you only need to team it with a pair of heels and you’ve gotten yourself a whole different look.

Lately we’ve been immersed in the coloured skinny trend. For the last year or so, all we’ve seen on the celebrities and the high street is coloured jeans and I couldn’t be more pleased. Again, there are colours for every season, tawny gold for autumn, red and forest green for winter and pastels for the spring and summer.

A classic pair of skinny jeans is the best asset to have in a woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s coloured or plain denim, for slouching around campus or going out on that first date. Skinny jeans suit every mood; you can team them with a great blouse or a plain T-shirt and every type of shoe imaginable and don’t forget the obligatory tote.

They don’t suit every woman perfectly but with the right outfit and accessories, they can make every woman feel like a supermodel. This Fashionista exudes comfort and confidence through her outfit, daring to wear the perfect pair of skinny jeans and succeeding.

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