The Statement Bag


There is nothing like adding a few studs to your outfits to make you like more like a rock chick than ever before. With the handy accessibility of being able to stud your own clothes now in DIY experiments, it’s never been so popular to look like Kirsten Stewart in The Runaways and we can sure as hell try. Design houses from Alexander Wang to Hérmes Birkin are promoting this trend and having studs in your wardrobe has never been as cool as it is this season.

This Fashionista has created a chic outfit that wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Paris or Milan. By pairing this simple and elegant trench-coat with blue skinny jeans and a fun pair of pink pumps, she has made her outfit simple, stylish and comfortable. From head to toe she seems graceful, even to her slicked back ponytail that’s very en vogue at the moment. The outfit is sophisticated yet simple enough that we notice her amazing studded bag at first sight and thinking of all the ways we could steal it to add it to our own wardrobes!

Everyone will have these essentials in their wardrobes: a simple coat, skinny jeans and pumps. But putting it all together, you can create a look that Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t turn her nose up at. A pale, nude trench-coat is best, so you can accompany it with a colourful pair of denims that have been seen on everyone from Eva Longoria to Kate Middleton recently. All you need to do is find the perfect statement bag, preferably with studs to pull the ensemble together perfectly. With a little inspiration, you’ll look like royalty in no time.

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