Wrapping It Up

The cardigan is an enigmatic creature. Five years ago, it was considered positively ghastly to wear a woolly article such as a cardigan or a jumper; it was reserved strictly for our grandmothers who clearly had NO fashion sense. But what did we know?

At the moment, cardigans are more en vogue than ever before and I must say you’ve got to love it! In the age where vintage is king and dressing like the aforementioned OAPs is the hip thing to do, a cardigan is the first thing on the autumn/winter shopping list.

This wool creation, worn with a simple chic outfit, was the perfect addition to this Fashionista’s wardrobe and was a solid investment for the cool winter months. The beautiful rich magenta was an idiosyncratic contrast to the sky-blue blouse and you could almost smell the mulled wine and fir trees of Christmas when you saw the warm colours and textures.

The simple blouse was matched perfectly with the white tee and the classic skinny jean with military boots cinch the outfit, a flawless ensemble for the winter months. The finishing touch is a vintage-style gold chain which fits in effortlessly with this Fashionista’s relaxed get-up.

This is the perfect statement piece to wear around college: whether you’re stuck in the cold library, sitting through lectures or just bumming around campus with a hot cup of Starbucks attached to your hand. Teamed with jeans and boots, the simplicity and warmth of the outfit makes it what it is and I can only imagine it’s as comfortable as it looks.

It’s easy enough to create a look like this that’s both comfortable and on trend. To get statement pieces like this with a small bit of a tribal or outback feel to it, try places like Pull and Bear andTopshop for individual pieces with warm colours and interesting textures. Trawling vintage and thrift shops is the best way to find individual pieces of jewellery to make your wardrobe stand out, even when you’re just slouching round college.

Read the full article at: http://www.collegefashionista.co.uk/school/view/university_of_limerick/fashion_from_abroad_wrapping_it_up


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