I’m in complete denial about the A/W fashion season being over. The runway fashion, the street style; I’ve been watching with awe for the last four weeks as the best Autumn/Winter collections have been showcased in front of our eyes. The last port of call was Paris – the city of love – and the fashion capital made us fall in love with fashion all over again.

paris fashion week

After some mixed collections in London and Milan, Paris went back to the more wearable winter colours. Balenciaga – with Alexander Wang at the helm – combined darker and heavier fabrics like wool and leather with bright prints and colours such as purple, orange and blue, all very stylish but sensible. We’re still waiting to evaluate Raf Simons’ performance at Christian Dior but his A/W collection was beautiful. This new Dior is so much simpler than it was under John Galliano with none of the theatrics but this runway collection was clean and desirable – mostly black with splashes of colour: perfect for winter.

paris fashion week

The theme of dark colours with splashes of colour was continued throughout other designer showcases such as Stella McCartney. Her collection was a workingwoman’s dream – suits, dresses and knitwear perfect for the office, nights out and pieces that can be worn from day to day. Paris Fashion Week this season was built on the foundation durability and wearable items and most of the designers fit this brief. Saint Laurent had all the makings of a stylish teenage girl’s wardrobe – angsty and unpredictable. With a whopping amount of looks, Slimane’s models donned black eyeliner, frowns and Wednesday Addams-style pinafores and collars. I want pretty much everything in this collection – my wallet is crying at this stage.

parish fashion week

In a different move, Karl Lagerfeld created a supermarket at Chanel’s runway collection. Instead of the dark hues in a lot of other catwalk shows, Chanel showcased some bright, colourful patterns and colours. Everyone from Cara Delevingne to Joan Smalls partook in the grocery shopping wearing candy shades and futuristic looking dresses. Valentino went a little more geometric and graphic with their patterns, using lots of bright red, pinks and greens to make a desirable collection for every occasion. A personal favourite are the Peter Pan collared shift dresses – chic yet easy to wear. Sarah Burton added that little bit of drama into the Alexander McQueen show, using splashes of monochrome, navy and purple to make a theatrical but beautiful catwalk collection, paired with some pretty random cornrows.

parish fashion week

It’s been a mixed bag of a fashion week season. There has been a clashing combination of colours, cuts and fabric – it seems as though there is confusion between seasons. Nonetheless, our favourite designers came up trumps with some fantastic designs and surprisingly wearable outfits. It’s been a fantastic Fashion Week season for models like Kendall Jenner, who – on her debut Fashion Week season – made friends with Anna Wintour, modelled for brands from Chanel to Giles and got her name out there in the fashion world as fellow model Cara Delevingne did the few seasons before that.

paris fashion week

I’m already looking forward to seeing the S/S15 collections – it feels strange to be talking about winter clothes when it hasn’t even hit springtime yet. Until then, check out all the catwalks and the street style and see how you can update your wardrobe for next season! I’ve already started!

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Winter Edit: My Favourite Lipsticks

If you have checked out the blog before, you’ll know I have quite the obsession with lipstick! It started years ago when I always wanted to try on my mum’s lippie but escalated into a full-blown lipstick need that can’t seem to be controlled. Pretty much every night I go out, I throw on some red lipstick – my go-to colour when it comes to lips. I have an ever-growing collection of lipsticks and I’ve decided to share some of them with you! I’ve included my favourites, some I definitely wouldn’t buy again and the lipsticks I’m coveting at the moment. Mostly red of course!

My Favourites

No7 Stay Perfect ‘Love Red’ Lipstick, €12.25.

No7 Stay Perfect 'Love Red' Lipstick

No7 Stay Perfect ‘Love Red’ Lipstick

I absolutely love this lipstick! It’s a relatively new purchase but I regret none of it! I had a No7 voucher to use and am usually skeptical about the brand but this lipstick has totally changed my mind! The only thing that annoys me is the shape of the lipstick. Most brands have a dip in the top to fit in with the curve of your lips but this one doesn’t which is a problem when you need perfect looking lips! I’ve no lip brush (my next investment) so I find using a cotton wool bud helps me put the colour on perfectly!

MAC Limited Edition Archie’s Girls ‘Veronica’ Lipstick in Ronnie Red, €19.50. 

MAC Archie Girls Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red

MAC Archie Girls Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red

My favourite lipstick ever! I can’t speak highly enough of this lipstick and I enjoy wearing it every time I wear it. The blue-red tinge suits my complexion well, it’s easy to apply and is extremely long-lasting compared to other lipsticks! Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to get your hands on this limited edition collection anymore but it is close enough to other MAC shades like Ruby Woo that we can still wear some version of it!

MAC Limited Edition Hey Sailor Lipstick in ‘Sail La Vie’

MAC Limited Edition Hey Sailor Lipstick in 'Sail La Vie'

MAC Limited Edition Hey Sailor Lipstick in ‘Sail La Vie’

Another limited edition piece that can’t be gotten hold of anymore so I’m dreading having to throw it away! I bought this in Budapest in the 8 weeks it was available and it is a fantastic piece of make-up. I usually have an issue with orange lipstick – reminds me of old ladies who can’t apply properly – but this colour is young, fresh and goes with pretty much everything. Also with different methods of applying, you can achieve very different shades which is brilliant in a lipstick! Shop ‘So Chaud’ or ‘Morange’ in MAC for orange lipsticks!

Benefit ‘Benetint’ Lip & Cheek Stain

Benefit 'Benetint' Cheek and Lip Stain

Benefit ‘Benetint’ Cheek and Lip Stain

This stuff is amazing! I use it for a lip stain and it really gives you a fantastic colour without too much work. This is what goes on my lips every day for work as it is long lasting colour without being too pink. This can also be used as a cheek stain so it is essential for women who like that long-lasting blush effect.

Ones to Avoid

Rimmel Lasting Finish 170 in ‘Alarm’, €6.65.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 170 in Alarm

Rimmel Lasting Finish 170 in Alarm

A much more pocket-friendly red lipstick but this is definitely reflected in the product. The colour is nice but there definitely isn’t a ‘lasting finish’. It wears off extremely quickly and to be honest, the smell of it makes me feel a bit ill! I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who likes a long-lasting lipstick  and I do find the product a little cheap-smelling.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte By Kate Moss Lipstick in ‘110’, €6.99

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Kate in '110'

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Kate in ‘110’

Once again, a very inferior brand compared to MAC. I like to invest in lipstick and reap the rewards of it and although this colour was also out of my comfort zone, I was very unhappy with it. It wears off almost instantly and it smells very strange. This is good for someone who has the time to keep re-applying all the time but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury and it means the stick wears down extremely quickly!

Lipsticks I’m Coveting

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Pirate, £25

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour

I’ve asked my very own Santa (a.k.a. Mum) for a little Chanel delivery this Christmas so fingers crossed I’ll get something in my stocking this year! Pirate is the perfect red colour all wrapped up in some gorgeous packaging (cos packaging is very important, doncha know)! I’ve heard nothing but good things about Chanel make-up and I’m dying to give it a try!

MAC Lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’

MAC Lipstick in 'Ruby Woo'

MAC Lipstick in ‘Ruby Woo’

Ruby Woo is my dream lipstick and it’s the next lipstick on my list! It’s a favourite of Dita Von Teese so really, there is no reason why I shouldn’t get it! I love my red lipstick (quite obviously) so I’m constantly on the lookout for new ones and this is like the God of red lipsticks!

Some day I WILL own all the red lipsticks!

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Emily Fashion Fiend

Androgyny Is The New Femininity

WHEN you hear the word femininity in fashion, this conjures up visions of flowing skirts and dainty blouses in muted and pastel shades. For years now, the feminine label has done exactly what it says in the tin, creating style elitism for women that doesn’t need to be there, snobbery against women who want to wear trousers or a statement colour. But this up-coming season, femininity is getting a well-needed makeover, in the form of androgyny.

Chanel: Photo c/o

Androgyny isn’t just shaved or spikey haircuts and tomboys but a whole genre offashion that is waiting to be explored! Most think that women wearing trousers and straight cuts can be incredibly masculine at times but this season designers such as Stella McCartney and Chanel championed the androgynous trend, giving women the freedom to play with their fashion. Both designers added just a hint of fun in their catwalk shows, with models sporting items that made them look like children who got into the dressing-up box. The boxy shorts and feminine slender trousers are definitely a trend that women of all shapes and skin tones can fit into their wardrobe.

Stella McCartney: Photo c/o

Wintery, warm textures like tweed and leather were the order of the day and although these fabrics aren’t usually seen as ultra-feminine, with the right cut and shape, they can be womanlier and sexier than the hottest dress you can find! Even the skirts and dresses had a masculine feel about them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a shock to the senses if you will.

This trend also applies to the colours used on the catwalks this season. The steely greys, navy and bold colours scream of strength and independence. If there was any pink, it was cerise and maroon, certainly not baby or pastel. Every colour packed a serious punch and disregarded gender, just letting strength, elegance and style shine through! Every design house from Elie Saab to Louis Vuitton are putting a masculine spin on feminine clothing and their colour schemes invited tough, gothic visions inspired by films such as Little Red Riding Hood and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Elie Saab: Photo c/o

Louis Vuitton: Photo c/o

Collections from Kenzo to Christian Dior (under new Creative Director Raf Simons) went in a different direction and used 80s throwbacks like flares and gold to create their warped but refreshing version of femininity.

Christian Dior: Photo c/o

Christian Dior: Photo c/o

Kenzo: Photo c/o

Kenzo: Photo c/o

We always say that an up-and-coming trend will be the new black; in the same way androgyny has truly become the new feminine, and it’s about time. No longer are women anxious about wearing trousers or shorts for more formal wear in case they look ‘too boxy or manly’. This Autumn/Winter 2013 season has done the unthinkable – designers have made women reconsider trousers. This may seem like a ridiculous statement to make but I must reluctantly agree with it, as I’m guilty of avoiding trousers myself!

This season, however, we should think big and think different! Don’t worry about what people will think if you’re wearing trousers; find yourself a fabulous tailored pair or some with a bold pattern. Not only will you stand out from the crowd but you’ll also be bang on trend for next season!

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Keep styling, Em x

The Designer Highlights of Spring/Summer 2013

It’s been such a long winter in Ireland that everyone is getting a bit sick of the cold weather, the frostbitten hands and the sneezing all over the shop! I’m always so looking forward to the winter, I love wrapping up in warm coats, scarves and hats but there comes a time when even a person like me who is allergic to sunlight has to take a step back and think, ‘My god, I just want to wear a light jacket for once’! So for all those people who are missing the presence of a bit of warmth and want to change up their wardrobe a little bit, here is what we should be wearing this Spring/Summer 2013 season all the way from the major catwalks.

We got a huge mixture of everything for the S/S 2013 shows, from graphics to floral print, pastels to neon and everything in between. It was a season of change, with Hedi Slimane at the helm of the newly named YSL and Raf Simons taking over from Bill Gaytten at Dior (does anyone else miss Galliano?). Even Jil Sander returned to the fashion house she had started in 1973 much to the surprise of many. Throughout all this upheaval, our favourite designers managed to create some show-stopping creations, astound us with their visual displays and reminded us all why we are in this game called fashion.

As always the fun began in New York City and we saw influential people like Anna Wintour and André Leon Tally enjoying the spoils of fashion’s most prominent designers, who didn’t disappoint. Carolina Herrera’s show, a favourite with the fashion elite championed ‘lightness and fluidity’, which reflected beautifully in the cuts and hues of the clothing. There was an Alice in Wonderland-style vibe throughout the runway show, using a powder blues and creams as a running theme. Collared blouses and A-line skirts were the order of the day modelled by up-and-coming stars like Cara Delevigne and the sleeve style on the jackets and cinched waists created a school-girl aura, a look not usually championed by Herrera. The subtle colours continued throughout the show on tea dresses and maxi-skirts. Karlie Kloss finished the show in a three-quarter-length sleeve cream dress with intricate beading on the edges, closing this young but elegant collection with a bang.

Marc Jacobs used a psychedelic style in his collection for this season with the use of horizontal stripes in many different colours from monochrome to candy-red. Every piece had simplicity, like it had been stripped back to basics and started again. Crop tops with shorts were a big part of the show and the midi-trend continued with the use of knee-length skirts. There was the odd ruffled collar and scalloped hem and the psychedelic mood changed from stripes to houndstooth to leopard print, a true sign that prints will be all in this season in all shapes and forms. All the accessories were petite and ‘cute’, something that ran parallel to the sixties theme, a tribute to the days of Twiggy and simplicity.

Tom Ford, the man of the moment thanks to his new Diet Coke campaign, continued the sixties vibe into his show with teased beehives and biker boots. His mixture of glossy biker jackets with upturned collars, buckles and leather this was truly a nod to the days of mod, an era that made James Dean comfortable and makes women to this day feel sexy and in control which is exactly how these clothes are meant to feel. The mixture of black, cobalt and metallic shades made for a contrast made in heaven and the utilitarian feel that moved throughout the show made Ford’s show an uproarious success and will have the Swinging Sixties swing all the way into 2013.

Next was London. Home of the most articulate and grungy designers on the planet and home to muses from Edie Sedgwick to Princess Diana. Here is where we see the use of florals and pastels, showing our European and American counterparts how it’s done in London. Emilia Wickstead told the press she had championed a Truman Capote society woman vibe, slick, polished and most importantly, desirable. Her outfits that would stand out on the set of programmes like The Hour create a marriage of youth and polish and bring it together to output a late 50s aura. The neat, simple hair and the chic Manolo Blahnik shoes made the elegant tailoring complete and the models shows an iron-willed but effortless demeanour in the clothing. There were plunging necklines in demure dresses and full skirts in sherbet shades, combinations that screamed Sunday best but also independent woman.

Mary Katrantzou, although sticking to some of her exquisite printing, had a different style this season. The prints she usually uses have such an intricate and old oriental quality about them and these new styles that Katrantzou uses was a nod to her flourishing style, a more modern approach to printing. The use of money, flowers and postage stamps was a surprising change on styles like shirts and bootleg trousers. Her colours that usually stick to a scheme were fresher, white mixed with metallic blues and blacks. The designers showcased A-line dresses, trousers and blazers mixed with bowling-style shirts. Her oriental-inspired vase shaped skirts haven’t made their usual appearance at Fashion Week for this season but it could be the breath of fresh air that Katrantzou needed for her new collection.

A print overload was had at the Erdem catwalk show. Again with the sherbet shades, we got an eyeful of lemon yellow, oranges and pinks, all adorning pretty, ladylike dresses – an Erdem speciality. Erdem really broke out of his comfort zone with the use of snakeskin and the continued use of textiles, texture and applique. The show was saturated with femininity from demure fitted dresses to umbrella shaped skirts, to pencil skirts. The use of lace and crochet with sheer fabrics and pastels was a signature Erdem move but the show moved forward and made changes that no fashion editor could have expected.

Milan was next on the agenda, the home to high and expensive fashion. The standards are high and the prices are even higher but the Italian fashion capital always comes up with the goods and this season was no different. The monochrome and Oriental trends were ever present in Miuccia Prada’s catwalk show. The silhouettes were boxy and angular from the silk jackets to wraps to Judo-style jackets. The jackets that opened the show were black with a single white flower that looked like it had been spray-painted on with stiff pleated skirts. The flower motif crept into each look that turned the catwalk from the fur coats to the clutch bags, always in either red or white. The shows were golden booties with ribbon details, giving a very delicate feel to the outfits. The mixture of monochrome with pastels was very heavy and has people in two minds about the collection but Prada’s show has triumphed with the critics again who think the use of monochrome in the S/S13 collection works against the sweet colours that after two weeks of fashion shows can start to get a bit sickly.

Jil Sander has returned to the helm of her own ship after Raf Simons moved to Dior and this collection was bound to cause a lot of interest. The modern clean lines has everyone talking and her use of colours like burgundy and navy were a welcome difference to the pastels and patterns of every other collection. The collection was about lines and shapes more than colours and the shirts and jackets had a stiffness and structure about them. The jumpers had graphic lines on the shoulders and sleeves and everything was cinched and tapered – because that’s what Jil Sander does. The contrast between the square cuts and the round necklines was a smart one and Sander returned with style to the fashion elite where she can rightfully take her place. This collection was astounding, not just because of the clothing but the difference between now and last season, under the wing of Raf Simons.

Frida Giannini, the designer who kicked off Milan Fashion Week, opened with a bright pink bombshell in the form of a streamlined trouser suit showing that Gucci was too in a sweet mood. However, the design house was packing a punch and instead of following the crowd, Gucci used expressive jewel colours in their collection. Turquoise, pink and yellow all played a huge part in the show and it said no to the summer pastel unspoken rule. There were double-breasted jackets and shift dresses with patterns and Giannini put a lot of focus on back detailing in this new collection, creating high necklines with plunging backs. We saw beading and encrusted necklines and snakeskin to boot, showing that Gucci likes to give the fashion groupies of the world a lot of options.

It was time to go and enjoy the romantic fashion in the city of love and our last port of call: Paris Fashion Week. Amazing designers have hailed from this city and the beauty that has been created in design houses like Chanel and YSL cannot be beaten. Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton took our breath away as per usual and she has proved yet again why she is the best. There was an erotic feel to the show and Burton described the collection as being about the ‘worker bees’. This led to honeycomb style mesh being used to make pencil skirts and sharp jackets with a beekeeper style hat. Crinoline was the buzzword in this show and we saw extravagant and indescribable corseted gowns that belonged in a Russian society novel. Thick gold belts were wrapped round the waists of the models and the corsets/crinoline style dictated how well the jackets tapered on the waist. Unbelievable isn’t strong enough a word: Burton, you did McQueen proud.

Chanel, a favourite amongst the fashion society, was as always lady-like and fantastic. Lagerfeld used pearls galore in this show-stopping catwalk, on wrists and necklines and clothing, like pollen that had just rested on their clothes. It was one of the simplest shows that Chanel has ever done and that, in itself, is a statement. Lagerfeld showed that the house of Chanel didn’t need fresh blood; it was still the king of the jungle in the fashion world. We saw little cropped jackets, a Chanel favourite but with bell sleeves for a modern twist. There were strapless column dresses with sequin flowers, sequined jackets and huge hats with see-through brims. The wind theme that ran throughout the show was a breath of fresh air both for the brand and the audience and the entire collection was calm, collected and a total classic from Karl Lagerfeld.

Last but certainly not least, the show that everyone has been talking about: Louis Vuitton. The use of neon and graphic print was genius and set this show apart from the rest. Escalators played a huge part in this ingenious designs and created drama. Marc Jacobs focused on stripes for his own show but when it came to Vuitton, Jacobs was seeing squares: plenty of them. The sixties style was evident yet again and the models donned beehives and kitten heels to strut their checkerboard creations down the runway. Pencil skirts and maxi-skirts both played a part with demure jackets and crop tops, a staple in Jacobs’ own show. The designs themselves were simple and elegant but the use of the checkerboard pattern and the sixties theme made this show one to remember.

The designers over Fashion Week gave us a few clear messages: graphic patterns like stripes and squares will be all over the high street this season and don’t be afraid to steer clear of the failsafe pastels and try something a bit bolder or darker. Flowers are all in as a usual spring staple but with a twist and make sure you channel that 50s/60s vibe to your hearts content! Keep styling, Em x

21st Birthday Celebrations!x

It’s just a quick post tonight, I wanted to post Sunday but with all the birthday celebrations the last few days its been manic. My mum threw a little surprise party for me last night and I had a really great night, loads of wine and champagne flowing and my cake was unbelievable…so me! It had my laptop, an icing me, Vogue, my new Cambridge Satchel and Chanel on it! I got Brian’s old phone last week and I’ve been messing about with Instagram ever since so I have a few photos to put up of my 21st birthday celebrations up here before the real celebrations at the weekend with all my mates! Looking forward to getting my MacBook in the next week or two as well, my birthday present to me that I’ve been wanting for a long time so I can’t wait! If anyone is wondering, that’s my Jones and Jones dress from Topshop and my spiky gold necklace from H&M that I’m sporting in the photos, no Lookbook photos I’m afraid, there was too much wine to be had!

I’m hoping to get up a few outfit posts up over the next couple of weeks, I finally have access to my wardrobe again being back at home so I need to make the most of it! I’m finally taking a breath to sit down and watch ‘Styled to Rock’, Rihanna’s new designer reality show. Its like the British version of ‘Project Runway’ and I get the feeling its going to be fantastic and complete guilty pleasure viewing! Rihanna, Henry Holland and singers like Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry, these designers are going to have to work seriously hard to impress and I’ll be watching it avidly every week as well as BINTM! I haven’t decided who I like and want to win but I’ll get back to you on that!

I’m organising my life right now cos I’m about to move out of home, never to move back in! I’ve got one more year left of college and will be moving in with my boyfriend straight after so the next couple of weeks after I get back from Milan will be consumed with clearing out my room and sorting out my wardrobe! Shoes were on the agenda and for the first time in a long time, I saw all my shoes today and realised I have a shoe addiction! How bad!

I’m glad to be settled down for a couple of days to relax and hopefully do some writing. I’m going to post up photos of my holiday outfits and would love to hear your opinions on how you think i should be styling on the streets of Milan! Hoping I can convince Brian to take some outfit posts for me!

I should head to bed, I’m hoping to get the September issue of US Vogue tomorrow  and I’ll need all my energy for that. Hoping to update tomorrow if I can so until then,

Keep styling, Em x

Scrumptious Sunday Seven July 8

Apologies for not posting in the last two weeks, our inter-railing trip has also turned into the quest for decent wifi….a.k.a., there is none and I haven’t been able to check my emails, let alone write a post! I’ve got so much news and so little at the same time. We’ve been to Vienna, Oswiecim, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Venice, Rome and Florence in the last eight days and its only now that I’m sitting down and taking a breather. Its 35 degrees here, I’m covered in insect bites and have a sunburnt foot…who said travelling wasn’t fun! The fashion over here in these different countries are unbelievable, even if you’re going to different cities in Italy, the style changes so dramatically. We’re going to Milan tomorrow and I’m SO excited to see what the streets bring to me style-wise! I’ll also be doing research for my next article for Linger on the differences in European street styles so Milan and Paris will certainly be getting a mention! Speaking of writing for Linger, my first article is up in the current issue HERE so anyone with a subscription can read it! Anyone who can’t, I’ll do my best to get a screenshot or a transcript for you! So that’s enough of that, it looks like I have quite a few posts to get up tonight so we’ll get on with the Scrumptious Sunday Seven for this sweltering week!

1. Vintage! We were in this fantastic little vintage shop in Prague that housed the designers we all know and love, like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. We found it walking up a little side street and it was just amazing to go in and be in the presence of these beautiful old Chanel classic suits and 40’s heels. In LOVE!

2. In Rome, we walked down the most amazing and expensive street I have EVER been down (with the exception of Bond Street in London!). It had every designer you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t and I was in absolute awe at everything there! When I win the lottery or find a load of money somewhere I’ll be coming back. Especially fell in love with these amazing studded biker boots…its my birthday soon…hint hint!

3. Grecian maxi-dresses. I saw a girl wearing one in Krakow and absolutely adored it. I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since, it was so beautiful! I don’t know if I’m too short to wear maxi-dresses or not but a girl can dream!

4. I’ve bought some yellow nail polish in Budapest and I’m loving it on my travels. It’s a proper bright yellow and makes any outfit look more fun. I can’t wear yellow as a colour because I’m so pale but its fun being able to wear it and have it suit me! Neon is incredibly in this season so even if I do it through my nails, I’m happy!

5. Stripes. Taken to the extreme. This isn’t exactly favourite fashion but this trio really made me smile up by the Colosseum when we were in Rome. Stripes are very in at all times, just fluctuating between stripe size. This lot aren’t exactly down with the kids but this will brighten up your day! Remind you of anyone?

6. Graffiti. It’s everywhere over here and I’m loving it. I’m one of these people who loves graffiti and sees it as an art form…as long as its good of course! Europe has graffiti everywhere and it really struck me how creative it was to put it on the metro trains! Reminds me of the Underground in London or the subway in New York.

7. And lastly, some travel related fashion photography, I love all these photos, I wish I looked this chic travelling but unfortunately, its hard to look fashionable when you have a crazy big backpack on your back, but I can just not look in the mirror and pretend I’m Kate Moss! These shots are beautiful and I’m hoping to make some of my own in the next couple of weeks!

I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for sticking with the blog while I’m in the wilderness guys, it means an awful lot that I’m getting so many views even though I’m being awful and not posting as much as I should! Love you guys!

Keep styling, Em x

Model Students

FOR what seems like forever, models have been the stuff of our dreams, these unattainable women that smile out at us from the glossy pages of the magazines we obsess over. Models have influenced our subconscious judgement our whole lives: the blushing brides we dressed up as in bridal magazines when we were children, the flawless made-up women we wanted to be during the teenage angst years, especially the women in Vogue that wear the most spectacular outfits that are so out of our reach. But have we ever thought of these women as savvy businesswomen or are they just fancy versions of clothes hangers in our minds?

Just think, how many models can you name? For someone highly interested in the fashion industry, this may be an easier game than most but for the average woman walking down the street; it’s an extremely difficult task. We can all call out the usual suspects: Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson, Heidi Klum, the list could go on, but these women aren’t just models, they’re brands, fully-fledged businesswomen and occasional scandalmongers.

Models cannot just be models anymore, they have to prove themselves to the world in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible and they have to dance for us like performing monkeys to win approval. Elle Macpherson has launched her own underwear empire and took over the reins of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model when former supermodel Lisa Snowdon left. Kate Moss is a muse for the higher powers in fashion but still has time to launch her own lipstick line. Lily Cole, a model preferred by everyone from Chanel to Marks and Spencer has a first-class degree from Cambridge. These women can’t just have the ability to walk and pose any more, long gone in the stereotypical Zoolander model, where models are so stupid they’ll have a petrol fight. Models need to be able to create their own empire, to know figures, have business knowledge and know when it’s time to leave the modelling game aside behind and market themselves differently. Most of all, they need to be intelligent.

We don’t just aspire to look like these women anymore, we aspire to be them. A model in this day and age has to earn the respect of women, not jealousy. Scandals like Kate Moss’s alleged cocaine habit or Naomi Campbell’s rage issues have nothing to do with their ability to wear a form-fitting dress after or how they’ll take their next photo. These famous women are looked up to just as much as Michelle Obama or Christine Lagarde, not because of how they can fit an outfit but because they have just as much global influence, if not more.

The fashion industry has changed a lot in the last twenty years in many, many ways. Way back when, everyone’s opinion was ranked before the models if it even counted at all. The designer, the stylist, the photographer, everybody had a say except the model who was expected to show up and look pretty. Now things have changed a huge amount, the phenomenon of modelling and fashion has shot through the roof with the help of ‘Next Top Model’ programmes in so many major countries round the world and we demand so much more for our buck.

In a recent interview with Alexandra Shulman, Editor of British Vogue, she stated that she had never used Jennifer Aniston on the cover of the magazine as she requires full copy approval with her photographs, a privilege that is unheard of in Vogue. ( Models have to follow the same adverse rules and why? They are not editors; they aren’t trained to understand the reader, just to impress them. However, this phase of wanting copy approval and more say in the process is becoming more prominent in the fashion industry, especially to do with the A-list celebrity models we all know and love.

After a recent spread for Elle Brazil, Coco Rocha was reported to be furious to be portrayed as ‘showing too much skin’ on the cover of the magazine. Rocha said on her Tumblr page, ‘I have long had a policy of no nudity or partial nudity…I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed’. ( But in an industry like modelling, when your body is your tool and your money, can you dictate how it is used? You have the right to not be taken out of context completely, but when you wear an outfit and pose in it, can you complain about the way it then looks? When an artist leaves his painting to be sold, can he dictate where it will be placed in the buyer’s home or how they hang it?

As modelling has changed, so has the fashion industry. It isn’t enough to buy the services of a pretty or interesting looking canvas anymore, you’re buying a person. Even more than that, you’re buying a brand. There is no way of using a model and disregarding her after a fifteen minute catwalk show, you buy not only her, but her reputation. A model has to be so much more than a mannequin, she has to be an inspiration and impressionable (in the right way!) as the world of fashion is spreading to the younger market like an epidemic.

Modelling isn’t a profession anymore, it’s an economy. You’re buying and selling everything about yourself, not only your look, but your personality, your reputation and your temperament. Models have to be businesswomen in this day and age as they have to look for their own jobs and they also have to book them. A photographer will not work with a difficult model, no matter how famous so bringing an extra couple of talents and fallbacks to the table can not only be a huge career boost but a mean money maker too. Models like Coco Rocha and Kate Moss can demand things but in the end, if they’ve sold themselves into the world of modelling, will they ever have the right to choose?