I’m in complete denial about the A/W fashion season being over. The runway fashion, the street style; I’ve been watching with awe for the last four weeks as the best Autumn/Winter collections have been showcased in front of our eyes. The last port of call was Paris – the city of love – and the fashion capital made us fall in love with fashion all over again.

paris fashion week

After some mixed collections in London and Milan, Paris went back to the more wearable winter colours. Balenciaga – with Alexander Wang at the helm – combined darker and heavier fabrics like wool and leather with bright prints and colours such as purple, orange and blue, all very stylish but sensible. We’re still waiting to evaluate Raf Simons’ performance at Christian Dior but his A/W collection was beautiful. This new Dior is so much simpler than it was under John Galliano with none of the theatrics but this runway collection was clean and desirable – mostly black with splashes of colour: perfect for winter.

paris fashion week

The theme of dark colours with splashes of colour was continued throughout other designer showcases such as Stella McCartney. Her collection was a workingwoman’s dream – suits, dresses and knitwear perfect for the office, nights out and pieces that can be worn from day to day. Paris Fashion Week this season was built on the foundation durability and wearable items and most of the designers fit this brief. Saint Laurent had all the makings of a stylish teenage girl’s wardrobe – angsty and unpredictable. With a whopping amount of looks, Slimane’s models donned black eyeliner, frowns and Wednesday Addams-style pinafores and collars. I want pretty much everything in this collection – my wallet is crying at this stage.

parish fashion week

In a different move, Karl Lagerfeld created a supermarket at Chanel’s runway collection. Instead of the dark hues in a lot of other catwalk shows, Chanel showcased some bright, colourful patterns and colours. Everyone from Cara Delevingne to Joan Smalls partook in the grocery shopping wearing candy shades and futuristic looking dresses. Valentino went a little more geometric and graphic with their patterns, using lots of bright red, pinks and greens to make a desirable collection for every occasion. A personal favourite are the Peter Pan collared shift dresses – chic yet easy to wear. Sarah Burton added that little bit of drama into the Alexander McQueen show, using splashes of monochrome, navy and purple to make a theatrical but beautiful catwalk collection, paired with some pretty random cornrows.

parish fashion week

It’s been a mixed bag of a fashion week season. There has been a clashing combination of colours, cuts and fabric – it seems as though there is confusion between seasons. Nonetheless, our favourite designers came up trumps with some fantastic designs and surprisingly wearable outfits. It’s been a fantastic Fashion Week season for models like Kendall Jenner, who – on her debut Fashion Week season – made friends with Anna Wintour, modelled for brands from Chanel to Giles and got her name out there in the fashion world as fellow model Cara Delevingne did the few seasons before that.

paris fashion week

I’m already looking forward to seeing the S/S15 collections – it feels strange to be talking about winter clothes when it hasn’t even hit springtime yet. Until then, check out all the catwalks and the street style and see how you can update your wardrobe for next season! I’ve already started!

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IN the blink of an eye, the first instalment of Fashion Week season has come and gone before we’d even realised it had begun. We’ve been waiting six months for the fash-pack gossip to descend onto our newsfeeds and New York Fashion Week did not disappoint. It seems like we haven’t even gotten to experience Spring yet and we’re anticipating the Autumn/Winter trends…aren’t we lucky that it’s still cold outside so we can get a head start on the next season’s trends?


The clear theme this NYFW was androgyny…and lots of it. Not only did designers such as Alexander Wang and Jason Wu keep it masculine for Autumn/Winter 2014-15 but also there was some very unexpected androgyny from feminine-orientated designers like Victoria Beckham and celebrity-favourite Monique Lhuillier. Their use of darker colours, sharper lines and straighter cuts gave the audience the change they had been looking for and there wasn’t one structured midi dress on the VB catwalk. Imagine that!


As always with the A/W collections, the hues get a lot darker. But this year, the majority of the designers played safe with various shades of black, grey and navy. Vera Wang in particular stuck with an all-black collection that varied in patterns to make it stand out from the pack. There was a distinct lack of girly fabrics and colours, instead opting for heavier fabrics such as velvet, wool, PVC and leather – a possible reflection of the terrible weather that plagued New York City in the interim and the clothing the ‘frow’ were sporting.


One of my favourite shows of New York Fashion Week was definitely Alice + Olivia. Amazing is the only word. I do love a collection that screams gothic fairy tale and this, like vintage Christian Dior (under Galliano, of course) fits the bill. The use of different colours and textures made the collection really stand out and the forbidden forest theme really worked with the designs.


Another designer that hit the headlines this NYFW was Marc Jacobs. The world’s eyes were on his debut collection after leaving Louis Vuitton and he didn’t disappoint. Kendall Jenner – little sister of the infamous Kim Kardashian – stole the show on the catwalk with her sheer top and showed that one of the Kardashian/Jenner family could make it into the fashion world without reality show success. Jacobs’ whole collection had an ethereal sixties vibe to it and he stayed away from the darker colours, favouring instead muted blues, camel, beige and creams. Some of the later pieces had a slight Daenerys from ‘Game of Thrones’ style to them – conjuring thoughts of wearing these floaty creations on a hot beach somewhere far away.


The Spring/Summer collections this year didn’t hold back in their colour palette and the subsequent season will do just the opposite: the darker, the better. Any colour or floral print should be taken with a pinch of salt and most pieces had that androgynous twist. There was a modern functionality about most of the collections shown at New York Fashion Week – a theme I imagine will run through each subsequent week. Already looking forward to seeing the London Fashion Week style – who’s with me?

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Androgyny Is The New Femininity

WHEN you hear the word femininity in fashion, this conjures up visions of flowing skirts and dainty blouses in muted and pastel shades. For years now, the feminine label has done exactly what it says in the tin, creating style elitism for women that doesn’t need to be there, snobbery against women who want to wear trousers or a statement colour. But this up-coming season, femininity is getting a well-needed makeover, in the form of androgyny.

Chanel: Photo c/o

Androgyny isn’t just shaved or spikey haircuts and tomboys but a whole genre offashion that is waiting to be explored! Most think that women wearing trousers and straight cuts can be incredibly masculine at times but this season designers such as Stella McCartney and Chanel championed the androgynous trend, giving women the freedom to play with their fashion. Both designers added just a hint of fun in their catwalk shows, with models sporting items that made them look like children who got into the dressing-up box. The boxy shorts and feminine slender trousers are definitely a trend that women of all shapes and skin tones can fit into their wardrobe.

Stella McCartney: Photo c/o

Wintery, warm textures like tweed and leather were the order of the day and although these fabrics aren’t usually seen as ultra-feminine, with the right cut and shape, they can be womanlier and sexier than the hottest dress you can find! Even the skirts and dresses had a masculine feel about them, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, a shock to the senses if you will.

This trend also applies to the colours used on the catwalks this season. The steely greys, navy and bold colours scream of strength and independence. If there was any pink, it was cerise and maroon, certainly not baby or pastel. Every colour packed a serious punch and disregarded gender, just letting strength, elegance and style shine through! Every design house from Elie Saab to Louis Vuitton are putting a masculine spin on feminine clothing and their colour schemes invited tough, gothic visions inspired by films such as Little Red Riding Hood and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Elie Saab: Photo c/o

Louis Vuitton: Photo c/o

Collections from Kenzo to Christian Dior (under new Creative Director Raf Simons) went in a different direction and used 80s throwbacks like flares and gold to create their warped but refreshing version of femininity.

Christian Dior: Photo c/o

Christian Dior: Photo c/o

Kenzo: Photo c/o

Kenzo: Photo c/o

We always say that an up-and-coming trend will be the new black; in the same way androgyny has truly become the new feminine, and it’s about time. No longer are women anxious about wearing trousers or shorts for more formal wear in case they look ‘too boxy or manly’. This Autumn/Winter 2013 season has done the unthinkable – designers have made women reconsider trousers. This may seem like a ridiculous statement to make but I must reluctantly agree with it, as I’m guilty of avoiding trousers myself!

This season, however, we should think big and think different! Don’t worry about what people will think if you’re wearing trousers; find yourself a fabulous tailored pair or some with a bold pattern. Not only will you stand out from the crowd but you’ll also be bang on trend for next season!

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Is Fashion Now All About The Shock Factor?

THE FASHION industry is that intersection where the subtle meets the extreme and the innovative meets the downright crazy. Each season, designers have to come up with new ways to stay on top of the game, making their collections and catwalk shows as theatrical as possible, ensuring their show sticks in your mind. But when does the crazy become too crazy?

There has been uproar in the fashion industry the last six months over the infamous brand Yves Saint Laurent. A fashion house that has been at the forefront of the industry, YSL was taken over by a new creative director last year called Hedi Slimane to shake things up, and by god he did. When taking over a company that is so established, it is usually a risk changing anything but Slimane went one step further and changed the brand name to Saint Laurent, a move that had many critics speechless.

Since his time in the newly named Saint Laurent, Slimane has pushed the boat out on a number of projects. For the new menswear line, he chose a very unlikely candidate to front the campaign – Marilyn Manson. As part of the latest series of ads being debuted this month – titled the Music Project – Manson and other musicians such as Courtney Love will be featured in a move that is set to ‘cement the ties with the music industry’. But why?

The fashion industry loves a challenge. It loves having something to analyse and ponder about. But did Slimane push it a bit too far? With only a year in charge of one of the biggest fashion houses on the planet, he has altered everything he can about its original form, including its name. When John Galliano took the helm at Christian Dior all those years ago, he made it his own but he still stayed respectful and truthful to its original designer, who made the line as successful as it was. So why can’t Slimane do this?

Of course, he is not the first designer to try the shock factor to get the critics talking. Back in 2012, Tom Ford edited an issue of Vogue Paris and used young girls in his Cadeaux editorial, including 10-year-old Thylane Blondeau. Many were up in arms about the way these young girls were posing and the make-up and clothing they had on. This led to a huge controversy about the use of young models and led in part to the setting up of the Vogue Health Initiative.

In a piece entitled, “Why Tom Ford was right to photograph vamped up six-year-olds,” Libby Banks of MyDaily UK wrote: “Ford has created a dialogue about the fashion industry’s attitude to age; in an industry where teenage models are encouraged to have the physique of a small child in order to promote women’s clothing, surely the next ‘logical’ step is to use a small child to model grownup fashion. It’s meant to be absurd and offensive.”

It appears that the fashion industry has bowed down to this shock factor need. No collection or show is enough without the prospect of it blowing you out of your seat and that means a bleak future for some in the industry. It will be interesting to see how critics react when the Music Project is unveiled later this month and for Slimane’s sake, hope it doesn’t go down like a lead balloon!

Linger Magazine October 2012

I really liked the subject of my Linger article this month! I love fashion books and anyone knows me knows I have quite a hefty collection of books and everything from Vogue covers to Christian Dior fashion tips so I wrote all about my favourite fashion books. I hope you enjoy the article and let me know your thoughts and your favourite fashion books!

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Day 2 of Cannes Film Festival 2012

Some time has passed in Cannes and its time to have another look and see what our favourite stars are wearing on the red carpet. With it only being the second full day, most of the stars that I featured in yesterdays post will feature again today as most other stars haven’t arrived yet. It was a beautiful day in Cannes and it brought the starlets and the red carpet style out in force with some stunning outfit choices. Have a look at what the fashionistas at the Cannes Film Festival had to offer today.

Freida Pinto looking fresh as a daisy in Salvatore Ferragamo…kinda makes you want to go on holiday!

Yet another gorgeous dress for Marion Cotillard, this time a lot more red-carpet worthy as always with Christian Dior

Eva Longoria in yet another beautiful dress, by Emilio Pucci this time. Although its not as show-stopping as her Marchesa gown, she is favouring her whites and metallics this year and looks all the better for it!

Jane Fonda looking ever better than the day before (if that were even possible!) in Stella McCartney

Yes its Freida Pinto again in a fabulous lime green Atelier Versace dress with the latest style accessory, a thigh high slit, the same as her Michael Angel dress.

Diane Kruger (again!) wearing Balmain and rocking those amazing heels

And yet again, Diane Kruger. Clearly her style is high class this year! Posing in a Calvin Klein Collection dress to the Women in Film party

Jessica Chastain looking cute as a button in polka dot Dolce and Gabbana

Jada Pinkett Smith looking fabulous in Versace

That’s all for the second day of Cannes but come back for a look in the next couple of days and see what the first weekend of Cannes has in store for us!

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Opening Day of Cannes Film Festival 2012

There are few celebrity events besides Fashion Week that really make us fashion junkies sit up and pay heed to whoever has the best style on the red carpet. We have the Oscars every year, sometimes the Grammys, the Met Gala, these events are all important in the social calender but one event always stands out for its beautifully elegant fashion: the Cannes Film Festival. For many years, stars like Angelina Jolie, Marion Cotillard and Isla Fisher has delighted us with their stunning wardrobe choices and this year was no different. The festival., which opened yesterday will be running till the 27th and will no doubt have us gasping with awe every single day at the glamour and beauty of each event. So for this post, I’m going to go through my favourite outfits of the opening day of Cannes (I would include worst, but everyone so far has been on top form!). Have a look and see what your favourite stars are wearing and what you think of their glamorous style choices…

Diane Kruger in this beautiful Grecian Giambattista Valli mint dress for the opening ceremony

Berenice Bejo, who opened the ceremony, looked stunning in red Louis Vuitton at the Opening Night Dinner

Jessica Chastain looking very cute in Alexander McQueen, even if it is a bit pale for my taste!

Eva Herzigova, sparkling in a beautiful Dolce and Gabbana gown and Chopard jewellery

Yes its Diane Kruger again. I’m not a fan of lace-up dresses but Kruger pulls off this Versus dress like a pro!

Freida Pinto shook things up with a thigh high slit in her Michael Angel dress

Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

Fan Bing Bing wearing a beautiful Christoper Bu gown

Last but not least, Eva Longoria in an amazing Marchesa gown that could well be the dress of Cannes 2012

So which one is your favourite?

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