Insta-Gods: Who You Should Be Following on Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be completely addicted to Instagram. I love being able to open the app and explore the glamorous lives of anyone – celebrity or not – anywhere in the world, get fashion, exercise or home decor inspiration or just follow my favourite celebs. With filters, cropping and editing, it’s possible to make yourself look amazing from a single photo and gives you a little boost of confidence when editing those pictures from last night. But there are so many people on Instagram, it can all be a bit of a blur. So I’ve got a list of some of the best people to follow on Instagram – the people that upload regularly with fabulous pictures or just some inspirational ones! Enjoy!

Millie Mackintosh

I always loved Millie when she was on Made in Chelsea – with her serious loyalty and anger towards men. However, since she has left and married rapper Professor Green, her life has hit the fast lane and she is all about health, fitness and high fashion. She also posts a LOT of dogs!


Anouska Proetta Brandon

Anouska is a fantastic blogger based right here in Dublin and is the unofficial face of Irish blogging. Unlike some who are flashy and flaunt their new-found fame with designer goodies, Anouska has taken several campaigns and brand ambassador titles in her stride and combines unknown and Irish designers with other bigger brands. Working for Guess and other big brands, Anouska is both beautiful and business-savvy, teaming up with brands that suit her and her style. She can be found wandering around Dublin in fabulous ensembles being photographed by her photographer boyfriend Ronan.


 Derek Blasberg

Friend to everyone from Alexa Chung to Cara Delevingne, Derek Blasberg’s Instagram is full of celebrity friendships and glamour. He never seems to be short of a party to go to and always puts up pictures of his escapades with his famous pals!


Holly Shortall

Holly is a fantastic Irish illustrator, a skill that is hard to come by these days. Not only does she get paid for illustrations but her drawings online are done for the love of her job and she has been recognised by everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Lupita Nyong’o for her fabulous red-carpet illustrations. She did the illustration for my website and I’m hoping that I’ll get a personal illustration done one of these days!


Cara Delevingne

Just because. Our new favourite model is just the right amount of crazy and we get to follow her global takeover bit by bit on social media. From tattoos to partying with Rihanna, this Brit girl has the high life and I adore seeing her style choices.


 Kendall Jenner

My favourite of the Kardashian sisters and a fantastic model, Kendall Jenner is definitely on the one-to-watch list. Her mixture of high-fashion shoots and runways with friend selfies reminds us that being young doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. She really is the breakout star of modelling at the moment and we sure hope it continues!


Leanne Woodfull

Another Irish blogging influence, Leanne Woodfull is so passionate about what she does and isn’t afraid to show it. From London Fashion Week to the streets of Dublin, you’ll find her strutting somewhere in some Wednesday Addams-style clothes and badass shoes. Not only is she an advocate for fashion but for life issues and women with body image issues!


British Vogue

If you’re as passionate about fashion as I am, you’ll need to be following at least one edition of Vogue. I’ve always made it known that I’m a huge fan of British fashion so British Vogue would have to be on my list. From must-have products to British models, Vogue has it all and I adore looking at their updates to see what’ll be in the new magazine!


Rachel Iwanyszyn

Rachel is the creator of Jag Lever, a fantastic fashion blog that is a real joy to read. Her unusual, interesting style ensures her place in magazines, on websites and regularly the front page of Lookbook. She looks a little like Zooey Deschanel and rocks plaid and flowers like a boss.


 British GQ

One for the boys, this Instagram account covers everything from London Collections: Men to the latest trends and everything in between. GQ is the perfect mixture of fashion and life issues for men and their coverage of fashion weeks like London Collections: Men are extensive and very in-depth. Definitely one to follow if you’re into male fashion!


Nicole Richie

No longer part of the most ridiculous duo on TV, Nicole Richie is now a fully-fledged fashion icon. Her Instagram feed is a mixture of high-fashion and family snaps, giving us an insight of her glamorous life. Her gorgeous clothes and hairstyles are inspiration for many and the pictures of her husband and children are so sweet, I really do love looking at her account.


Lorraine Candy

Lorraine is the editor of Elle UK and is a fantastic role model. Juggling a hectic work schedule with four children is no easy task but Lorraine seems to manage it all, while looking fabulous to boot. She gives us sneak previews of runway shows, Elle stories and snippets from her own fabulous life, covering a little bit of everything!


There are so many interesting people to follow on Instagram, these are just some of the ones that I love! Go searching on the app and you’ll never know who or what you might find! If you want to give my account a follow, click here for my updates (yes I’m that person that Instagrams her food!) and you might see something interesting! All pictures are courtesy of the individual’s Instagram account.

Until next time,

Keep Styling,




There’s Something About Blake

WHEN Gossip Girl hit our screens in 2007, it wasn’t just the outfits or the backdrop of the Upper East Side that captivated us; it was the beauty of the main characters especially Blair Waldorf played by Leighton Meester and the gorgeous Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively.

Four years later, Lively is one of the most famous actresses on the planet, has been rumoured to date A-list celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo di Caprio and is a muse and model for Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.

The actress, born in 1987 in California, has acted in films like The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and the Green Lantern and has won three Teen Choice Awards. But the last couple of years, Lively’s main focus and achievements have been on her fashion career.

In January this year, Lagerfeld chose Blake Lively personally to become the official face of his ‘Mademoiselle’ handbag line because of her youthfulness and spontaneity and in March, her infamous Chanel campaign was launched. The beautiful work relationship between the two began at the start of this year but it was back in 2007, when the Gossip Girl franchise first kick off where she was introduced to Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue, by Michael Kors and through Anna, she met Karl.

The fabulous star, who is renowned for not having a stylist, certainly has an eye for fashion and although she was offered other contracts, she always turned them down as she was ‘holding out for Chanel’. Since, she has become and style icon and regularly features on the ‘Best Dressed’ list, as well as featuring on the Time 100 Most Influential List in 2011and winning an Elle magazine Personal Style Award.

Every avid watcher of both Gossip Girl and the red carpet knows who Blake Lively is and craves her wardrobe on and off the set. At the end of September this year, she was named as the new brand ambassador for Stella McCartney and will now represent the brand inAmerica, having bonded with the fashion designer over their vegetarianism. She was recently photographed wearing her designs in a magazine shoot and will continue to represent Chanel, fulfilling her quota as the all-American beauty. She has starred in magazine covers the world over including Elle inFrance,SingaporeandJapan, US Vogue and Rolling Stone with her Gossip Girl co-star Leighton Meester. She even has a Louboutin shoe named after her. Not too bad for a 24-year-old girl from California, is it?