Milan Fashion Week always seems the most high fashion of the fashion week season. From the street style to the frow to the runway, this city really is the European fashion capital from head-to-toe. As expected, the high-end design houses of Milan such as Prada, Gucci and Versace gave us something that New York and London didn’t: couture mixed with wearable designs.

milan fashion week

Gucci gave us a bright and airy collection that seemed a little out of place for A/W but was lovely all the same. The designs were displayed in a number of pastel and subtle shades in a move that is usually reserved for springtime collections. The cuts and designs were simple and elegant, providing us with aspirations for a gorgeous wardrobe. Prada seemed to do exactly the opposite – veering towards fabrics, colours and patterns that were heavier and darker. Furs, silks and wools were displayed in deep reds, navy and black and Miuccia Prada made sure we were set for the inevitable cool winter.

milan fashion week

Emporio Armani went back to basics and focused on the suit and the little black dress. There was an emphasis on tailoring and modernising the basic suit – making it durable and wearable for the modern woman, although there was a slight hint of Charlie Chaplin surrounding some of the suits. There were some beautiful tailored dresses that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of and the entire collection screamed class and elegance – another win for Giorgio Armani.

milan fashion week

Like Gucci, Versace played around with colour but used much darker and richer tones. The turquoises, reds, yellows and monochrome shades were emphasised on evening wear and party dresses, mixing silk and lace in a rock-chick way that only Donatella Versace can muster up. Roberto Cavalli was also all about the drama and did everything with just a touch of fur. The collection was full of electric tones – deep blues, reds and raven black. There was just a touch of theatrics about the collection, which is why we all adore Cavalli’s work, and this season, he didn’t disappoint.

milan fashion weekDolce & Gabbana was easily my favourite show of Milan Fashion Week. Not only did the two designers have some beautiful couture designs, but also they added that little bit of fun and divilment to the collection with animal cartoons and sketches. Using deep colours, designs and fabrics, the geniuses behind Dolce & Gabbana created a collection that every woman can wear and would be proud to have in their wardrobe. The fun and flirty styles and patterns made this a very easy collection to re-create at home, and best of all it looks warm and comfortable. Pretty much ideal for the Irish winters, right?

milan fashion week

This Milan Fashion Week didn’t disappoint – it very rarely does. All designers involved seemed to up their game and present us with collections that were both ready-to-wear and extremely high fashion. The use of colours and fabrics made us look forward to getting back into those winter woollies again without having to compromise our fashion sense. Next is Paris Fashion Week…who else is looking forward to that gorgeous French fashion?

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What to wear for your body type next season

Many women don’t feel confident in their own skin and the clothes they wear, not just because they’re insecure with their bodies, but because they are clueless about what clothes, colours and shapes to wear for their body, skin and hair types. The body is such a beautiful thing, and when dressed appropriately can be even more so.

If one has an apple shape, and a little unsure about the way she looks, creating a look that says confidence can make even the heaviest and most insecure woman look beautiful and builds confidence. The same with a woman with a boyish shape, she might be a little uninspired being flatter than an hourglass figure, but with the right clothes, she can look stunningly curvaceous. It’s not the price or label of the clothing that matters; it’s the tricks you can play to make your body look the best that it possibly can. There are five different body types that the majority of women adhere to.

The inverted pyramid shape: Now, the phrase inverted pyramid sounds daunting, but with strong shoulders, small hips and very slim legs, this is a beautiful shape often seen on athletes. The best feature is often the legs and the hips. The key is to try to create an hourglass shape by adding volume to the hips whilst balancing out and flattering the shoulders. Feminine dresses, slim cut trousers and tailored jackets are always a safe bet. Use block colours and don’t use detail around the shoulders, it does nothing for them! Avoid floaty blouses and cropped jackets as they emphasise the shoulders. If using prints at all, have them on your bottom half to draw more attention to slim legs.

The hourglass shape: The elusive Marilyn Monroe body with bigger boobs, a slim waist and curvy hips, this is truly a figure to die for. However, although the hips and boobs are perfectly balanced, it can be frustrating to get high street clothes as couture fits hourglass forms better. Emphasising the waist is the most important point. Pencil skirts, high-waisted trousers, crisp white shirts and fitted clothes show off your envious curves. Avoid smock tops and skinny jeans at all costs, it may be hard but you’ll see the benefits.

The boyish shape: Also known as boyish, sporty or straight up and down. You can wear pretty much anything but many women with this shape feel unfeminine as their boobs are small and hips are the same size as their shoulders. Wearing things like dresses with spaghetti straps, leopard print to create curves and asymmetric necklines gives a sense of femininity that sometimes can’t be achieved otherwise. Stay away from plunging necklines and tracksuits as it’ll quickly become clear that you have no boobs!

The pear shape: You have a very slim upper half but any weight you put on goes to your bum and thighs. Even though you can’t wear miniskirts or skinny jeans, you probably have a small waist and great boobs, so wearing strappy tops and strapless dresses comes easily to you. Pear shapes have an advantage where, although they have a big bum and thighs, they have a very slender top have, which is usually noticed first. Wear strapless dresses, jackets with shoulder pads and skirts with front pleats to balance your top and bottom half. Avoid skinny jeans, short skirts and jackets cut on the waist as they tend to cut your body in half.

The apple shape: If you’ve got big boobs, a rounder stomach and quite slim legs, then this is you. It can be one of the most difficult shapes to dress but dressing for your slim hips and good legs is always a safe bet. Draw attention to your favourite bits, like your cleavage or legs and try to wear clothes to sculpt your midriff so you look more like an apple core than an apple. Also, body control underwear will work wonders for your body. Wear structured, tailored jackets to create definition, A-line skirts and wrap dress are always a good choice with apple shapes because they complement the cleavage. Don’t hide your legs under baggy trousers as it won’t do them any favours, straight or boot-cut trousers will create a good silhouette for slim legs.

New season’s runway collections can leave a lot the imagination but you can try your hand at any trend if you use the body you have in the best way possible. There is no point someone with a boyish or pear shape trying to fit into a pencil skirt but its easy to incorporate other aspects of forties glamour. The same applies to pear and apple shapes trying to wear the tight ‘fetish’ leather items that strutted down almost every catwalk, but if one looks hard enough, its easy to find something you can wear to follow the trend. There are so many different genres of trends that even if you don’t like one, there are so many more to choose from.


The ‘fetish’ look: There are two elements to this, light bondage or serious s&m. Sported by Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Emanuel Ungaro, Felder Felder and Comme des Garcons over the four Fashion Weeks. ‘Fetish’ can mean anything from black patent stilettos and leather jackets which look great on anyone, to leather underwear and corsets that would complement the boyish or hourglass shape  more than any others. Sheer inserts and black lace blouses are featuring under this category next season which when worn right, can suit any shape whilst still fulfilling the brief of ‘fetish’ gear.

The ‘androgynous’ look: Sharp tailoring, tuxedos, tweed and overcoats are all on the menu when it comes to this trend. Most outfits have a sensual, feminine side to them by adding a silk shirt or sparkly heels. Most seen at Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Chanel, DKNY and Paul Smith. From simple tuxedo jackets and slim suit trousers with heels to Stella McCartney’s over-sized jackets swamping the models, there is an androgynous look for everyone, novices to hardcore fashionistas. This look suits boyish and inverted triangle figures like a dream but every shape can try their hand at androgyny. Anything from a simple pair of brogues to classic white shirt can be seen as following the trend so attempt to put some androgyny into their wardrobe. Hourglass figures should avoid this look if they don’t want to hide their curves.

The ‘print and pattern’ look: All things bright and beautiful, as the old hymn goes…this look can suit any shape, it’s just a matter of suiting your skin type. Yellows for dark and Mediterranean skin types, reds, oranges and pinks for pale brunettes, blues and nudes for blondes and greens for redheads. Seen on the runways of Mary Katrantzou, Rodarte, Etro, Erdem and Dolce & Gabbana. If you have a lot of money to spend, a Mary Katrantzou is worth its weight in gold and is a work of art as well as fashion (so you can justify it!). Everything was digi-printed, bold and patterned and they can flatter every figure.

The eccentric/fearless look: The unpredictable, fierce, fearless look. Worn by women who wear what they like, when they like! Seen on the runway at Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and most importantly, Chanel. A feminist range of clothing, women kicking ass and defending themselves and these are the clothes to do it in. Boiler suits, tweed playsuits, biker boots, every woman of every shape can draw a little feminism and style from this trend. Whether it’s a simple pair of leather biker boots, which any woman can wear, or a boiler suit or cape, which only the brave boyish shapes should wear, there is something for everyone.

The ‘native’ look: Ponchos, desert boots, capes, prints, there isn’t much more to say about it really! Little House on the Prairie with attitude. Everything you thought about woolly jumpers and capes being wrong are suddenly overthrown. Anyone can do this look, from apple shapes to boyish shapes. Check out Chloe, Emporio Armani, Roksanda Ilincicand, Isabel Marant and Dries Van Noten for examples of next seasons homespun-style looks.

The ‘futuristic’ look: Space-age and sci-fi modernism are taking a front row seat this season so everyone who is anyone will be buying metallic, latex and silver/gold pieces next season. Viktor and Rolf, Nicole Farhi, Felder Felder, Giorgio Armani and Balmain are all sporting shimmering, futuristic looks on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter this year. This is mixed in with quite an aquatic look from Prada with the latex scale-like decorations, like stylish mermaids. Calvin Klein are  also doing very bright metallic, sheen-like dresses which will be very popular. These will be great on pear-shaped women as quite a lot of the dresses are slightly cone-shaped, skimming the bum and thighs.

Jewel tones: This suits absolutely everyone, all women have their own itch and this is the one to scratch it. With so many different colours, what suits you mightn’t suit me, but there is one for every hair and skin type. Emerald and sapphire for redhead, ruby and citrine for pale brunettes and dark skin types and garnet and amethyst for blondes. These jewel tones were seen all over the runway in Oscar de la Renta, Versace, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana. Any woman can wear them, just see the styles above for your body type.

Sixties: Seen on the runways of Burberry Prorsum, Prada, Jean Paul Gaultier, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. Monochrome, panelled dresses, leather dresses, next season is a complete ode to the Sixties, so much so, you’ll feel like you’re in the Beatles. These usually work best with boyish or inverted pyramid shapes. Make sure you go all out with bright colours for a truly sixties look.

Tunics and trousers: Perfect for pear shapes, as they take emphasis away from the shoulders ( if they’re plain) and skims the bum and thighs. Michael Kors, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere and Peter Pilotto are the ones to watch this season, but the high street does some great versions of this trend too.

Forties glamour: A style made for ladies with hourglass figures. Seen all over the catwalk this season, from Donna Karan to Gucci, everyone wants that bit of character and glamour. Big hats, pencil skirts, fur collars and pussy bow blouses, one of the most beautiful eras in fashion and not one that’ll be forgotten easily. A trend that only really suits the hourglass shape to do it in its entirety, as it embraces every curve possible. Women with inverted pyramid shapes can try their hand at fur collars, while boyish figures can handle the silk blouses that expresses the forties glamour so much.

Every woman can try their hand at all of the trends that are coming in next season from tartan to fur, from tweed to leather, any of them are possible if you just dress right for your body type and hopefully, these tips will have you looking your very best!