Linger Submission November-January 2012/13

Hey guys, I’d forgotten completely to put my Linger submissions up on the blog so if you’re interested in having a look at the articles I’ve been doing the last few months, have a read of these! Also, keep reading my articles on and The FashionGuise, I’ve been getting great feedback on them and I really appreciate you guys being so loyal and following my work!

Linger Submission November 2012

Submission for November 2012 on dressing for Autumn

Submission for November 2012 on dressing for Autumn

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Linger Submission December 2012. My gorgeous friend Becca is featuring in these photos as a project for both of us and I got some beautiful shots throughout our photo shoot.

Submission for December 2012

Submission for December 2012

Finally, my New Year post on eco fashion, dedicated to a favourite designer of mine, Stella McCartney and I’ve featured Cecilia Roek in the piece that I met in Budapest doing her eco-fashion show!

January Submission for Linger

January Submission for Linger

Hope you enjoy the articles!

Keep styling, Em x


Scrumptious Sunday Seven July 22

I can’t believe its time for another Scrumptious Sunday Seven already, feels like I’m in a European time warp! Again, apologies for not putting a post up last week but we’ve come across so much bad wi-fi the last couple of weeks, I’ve barely been able to talk to Brian, let alone put up a blog post! But I promise since I’ll be living in Galway for a couple of weeks, all my attentions will be focused on you all, although I may take a small break to work together some ideas for the first issue of An Focal in my new role as Life&Style editor and also plan my birthday/wardrobe for my holidays to Milan! So much happening in August as well, its mad but I will be near computers every Sunday at least, I’ve checked! I’ll be able to update you on my exciting new internship at CMPR as well as the first issue of An Focal and hopefully rope Brian into taking some Lookbook photos for me in Milan! Anyway, back to the Scrumptious Sunday Seven for this week!

1. Brogues. My poor wee brogues fell apart from all the rain we had on Paris and Berlin and I’m lost without them! We’ve bought new ones but they’re not the same as my old babies! They are the most practical and comfortable shoes ever without being the dreaded crocs and I’ll miss them dreadfully!

2. My ‘English Rose’ Lookbook photos. I know I’ve already done a post on this but I really enjoyed doing this particular shoot and enjoyed the theme so much, as you can imagine! My article is now sent off to Linger and I can’t wait for it to be published! We had some great fun with the pictures and I hope everyone enjoyed them!

3. I’m officially a Vogue collector! On my travels I’ve picked up Vogue Italia, Beauty in Vogue (Italy) The Fashion Illustrated newspaper (Italy), The Little Book of Retail (Italy), Vogue Paris, GQ Paris and the Vogue Paris Collections! My backpack is so freakin’ heavy but i cannot wait to get home and open them and have a good look through and write up my first Runway Report in about a year! I’m in love!

4. Zebra Print. The print of the season and a million times classier than leopard print. The celebrities have been doing zebra print in a big way the last few months and its on everything at the moment, including heels which I love. To create a zebra print look that’s a bit different, how about doing it in different colours, not just black and white?

5. Burgundy lipstick. I recently bought a tube of burgundy lipstick as a wee bit of an experiment cos I’d seen it so much recently. Its alright but I haven’t worn it yet, for fear I’ll look ridiculous but I’ll pluck up the courage at some stage!

6. Celebrities in recent ad campaigns. There are some fantastic ad campaigns being released this season using that celebrity edge, I’m especially loving Burberry’s new shoot pictures, what are your favourites?

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga

Mario Testino’s shots of Gabriella Wilde & Roo Panes

Iggy Pop and Daisy Lowe for Eleven Paris

Lara Stone for Calvin Klein collection

Mila Kunis for Miss Dior

7. Last but certainly not least, some life affirming, fun and beautiful photos to get us all through the hectic busy week ahead!

I hope everyone has a really great week! I’ll be writing next Sunday from London, we’re going to Amsterdam tomorrow and taking the Eurostar to London Thursday! So I’ll be in London till Tuesday to see my family and then back to Ireland to spend some quality time with my lovely boyfriend before a very hectic few weeks all before uni starts again. I hope to update during the week but if not it’ll be next Sunday, promise there will be a routine then! Until then….

Keep styling, Em x

10,000 views <3

Ok, I know I neglected Scrumptious Sunday Seven again last week but in my defence I didn’t get into Luxembourg until half twelve at night and was only fit for my bed! I will be able to post one on Sunday as we have proper wifi for the night in Bruges but until then, this can only really be a short post! Just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate all the support and the incredible views I’ve been getting over the last few months. I’ve just checked my stats for today and I’ve hit over 10,000 views!

Its an absolutely incredible feeling to know that I’ve made this much of an impact in just a year! Some other blogs hit this amount far before this, but for the genre of fashion blogging I am going for (journalism rather than photography or styling), this is a massive achievement and I really couldn’t have done it without all of you reading and commenting! I know I must seem very neglectful the last couple of weeks but I swear its the wifi’s fault, not mine! I’ll be living with my boyfriend for a couple of weeks when I get back to Ireland on the 31st and this will give me LOADS of time to fill up that inter-railing guide you see at the top there while he is working! I’m also working on my latest article for Linger so I’ll be letting you know all about that when the time comes! Until Sunday guys, or if i by some miracle find better internet,

Keep styling, Em x

An English Rose in Paris

So today brought about the last day of my photo set for Linger magazine. I’ve got all the looks I want to write about covered for all cities and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Its really inspired me to out up more Lookbook posts so hopefully I’ll get a few more up in London when I FINALLY get some of my my wardrobe back and then in Galway if my lovely boyfriend would be so kind!

So if you haven’t guessed already, this is the British segment of the photo set!! I tried to mix a few different cultural styles out of what I had in my suitcase and I like to think I did alright with a very small selection of clothes! Of course I had to use my houndstooth blazer and my bowler hat for the proper Brit look. Taking them at the Eiffel Tower probably wasn’t the most English thing to do but deadlines are deadlines! If you like the look, please hype HERE!

Keep styling, Em x

Amateur Parisian: New Lookbook Post

Such a crazy day in Paris and we never got to see any of the sights! We went to the station to put our backpacks in lockers and run to get our tickets to Luxembourg on Sunday and ended up waiting in a queue for three hours to get them. By the time we were finished and dropped our bags  to the hotel, there was hardly point going back in so we’ve gone ANOTHER day in Paris without seeing anything! I can see the Eiffel Tower from my hotel window though.

Tomorrow is another day however and as its Bastille Day the city will be so buzzing, I’m really excited!  We’re going to see all the tourist sights and hopefully see the fireworks! It was Parisian style day for my article so I dressed up in my concept of a Parisian outfit (from what I have in my backpack) and took some photos for the Linger article. I notice a lot of Parisians either purposefully or subconsciously wear a lot of navy, white and red without shoving their flag in your face. I love that concept of patriotism through fashion and that’s what makes  France so different from any other country style-wise in my opinion.

I’ll be updating tomorrow with my British concept which I CAN’T wait for, you all know how much I love British fashion and I can’t wait to finally wear my gold spikey necklace! So keep an eye out and until then…

Keep styling, Em x

Article in Linger Magazine

For those of you who haven’t been able to read my first article for Linger but have wanted to, here is a peek at it! I’m already writing next months piece in my head and I can’t wait for you all to see it, so get over to Linger magazine and get subscribing! Its a great colourful magazine, fun to read and in next month’s issue, I’ll be discussing the differences in European fashion, comparing three major style types in three different cities, modelled by yours truly! Until then, keep commenting, emailing and liking, I’m loving hearing what you guys have to say!!

Keep styling, Em x

Scrumptious Sunday Seven July 8

Apologies for not posting in the last two weeks, our inter-railing trip has also turned into the quest for decent wifi….a.k.a., there is none and I haven’t been able to check my emails, let alone write a post! I’ve got so much news and so little at the same time. We’ve been to Vienna, Oswiecim, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Venice, Rome and Florence in the last eight days and its only now that I’m sitting down and taking a breather. Its 35 degrees here, I’m covered in insect bites and have a sunburnt foot…who said travelling wasn’t fun! The fashion over here in these different countries are unbelievable, even if you’re going to different cities in Italy, the style changes so dramatically. We’re going to Milan tomorrow and I’m SO excited to see what the streets bring to me style-wise! I’ll also be doing research for my next article for Linger on the differences in European street styles so Milan and Paris will certainly be getting a mention! Speaking of writing for Linger, my first article is up in the current issue HERE so anyone with a subscription can read it! Anyone who can’t, I’ll do my best to get a screenshot or a transcript for you! So that’s enough of that, it looks like I have quite a few posts to get up tonight so we’ll get on with the Scrumptious Sunday Seven for this sweltering week!

1. Vintage! We were in this fantastic little vintage shop in Prague that housed the designers we all know and love, like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. We found it walking up a little side street and it was just amazing to go in and be in the presence of these beautiful old Chanel classic suits and 40’s heels. In LOVE!

2. In Rome, we walked down the most amazing and expensive street I have EVER been down (with the exception of Bond Street in London!). It had every designer you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t and I was in absolute awe at everything there! When I win the lottery or find a load of money somewhere I’ll be coming back. Especially fell in love with these amazing studded biker boots…its my birthday soon…hint hint!

3. Grecian maxi-dresses. I saw a girl wearing one in Krakow and absolutely adored it. I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since, it was so beautiful! I don’t know if I’m too short to wear maxi-dresses or not but a girl can dream!

4. I’ve bought some yellow nail polish in Budapest and I’m loving it on my travels. It’s a proper bright yellow and makes any outfit look more fun. I can’t wear yellow as a colour because I’m so pale but its fun being able to wear it and have it suit me! Neon is incredibly in this season so even if I do it through my nails, I’m happy!

5. Stripes. Taken to the extreme. This isn’t exactly favourite fashion but this trio really made me smile up by the Colosseum when we were in Rome. Stripes are very in at all times, just fluctuating between stripe size. This lot aren’t exactly down with the kids but this will brighten up your day! Remind you of anyone?

6. Graffiti. It’s everywhere over here and I’m loving it. I’m one of these people who loves graffiti and sees it as an art form…as long as its good of course! Europe has graffiti everywhere and it really struck me how creative it was to put it on the metro trains! Reminds me of the Underground in London or the subway in New York.

7. And lastly, some travel related fashion photography, I love all these photos, I wish I looked this chic travelling but unfortunately, its hard to look fashionable when you have a crazy big backpack on your back, but I can just not look in the mirror and pretend I’m Kate Moss! These shots are beautiful and I’m hoping to make some of my own in the next couple of weeks!

I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for sticking with the blog while I’m in the wilderness guys, it means an awful lot that I’m getting so many views even though I’m being awful and not posting as much as I should! Love you guys!

Keep styling, Em x