Getting ready for Milan!

I’m all packed for Milan now and I’m so excited! Its my birthday celebrations with my mates on Saturday, and I’m so looking forward to that, nothing like alcohol, fire and cupcakes in a field! But I’m counting down the days to Milan on Wednesday and I’ve been sorting out all my outfits for the fashion capital next week. Its going to be sweltering hot next week so the only accessory will be factor 50 sun-cream because yes, I’m just that pale! So I’ve taken photos of my holiday outfits, so let me know what you think!

My new Motel Rocks poppy field dress and customised shorts, cut from Pull and Bear jeans!

H&M dress with my new velvet pumps

My new velvet pumps, holiday shoes, yaaaay, love the little bows!

H&M sheer shirt and the Pull and Bear shorts!

River Island high-waisted shorts and New Look t-shirt

And of course, my holiday essentials, jewellery and a bikini!

I’ll have photos of my saturday night celebrations up in time for the Scrumptious Sunday Seven post on Sunday so stay tuned for that!

Keep styling, Em x


21st Birthday Celebrations!x

It’s just a quick post tonight, I wanted to post Sunday but with all the birthday celebrations the last few days its been manic. My mum threw a little surprise party for me last night and I had a really great night, loads of wine and champagne flowing and my cake was unbelievable…so me! It had my laptop, an icing me, Vogue, my new Cambridge Satchel and Chanel on it! I got Brian’s old phone last week and I’ve been messing about with Instagram ever since so I have a few photos to put up of my 21st birthday celebrations up here before the real celebrations at the weekend with all my mates! Looking forward to getting my MacBook in the next week or two as well, my birthday present to me that I’ve been wanting for a long time so I can’t wait! If anyone is wondering, that’s my Jones and Jones dress from Topshop and my spiky gold necklace from H&M that I’m sporting in the photos, no Lookbook photos I’m afraid, there was too much wine to be had!

I’m hoping to get up a few outfit posts up over the next couple of weeks, I finally have access to my wardrobe again being back at home so I need to make the most of it! I’m finally taking a breath to sit down and watch ‘Styled to Rock’, Rihanna’s new designer reality show. Its like the British version of ‘Project Runway’ and I get the feeling its going to be fantastic and complete guilty pleasure viewing! Rihanna, Henry Holland and singers like Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry, these designers are going to have to work seriously hard to impress and I’ll be watching it avidly every week as well as BINTM! I haven’t decided who I like and want to win but I’ll get back to you on that!

I’m organising my life right now cos I’m about to move out of home, never to move back in! I’ve got one more year left of college and will be moving in with my boyfriend straight after so the next couple of weeks after I get back from Milan will be consumed with clearing out my room and sorting out my wardrobe! Shoes were on the agenda and for the first time in a long time, I saw all my shoes today and realised I have a shoe addiction! How bad!

I’m glad to be settled down for a couple of days to relax and hopefully do some writing. I’m going to post up photos of my holiday outfits and would love to hear your opinions on how you think i should be styling on the streets of Milan! Hoping I can convince Brian to take some outfit posts for me!

I should head to bed, I’m hoping to get the September issue of US Vogue tomorrow  and I’ll need all my energy for that. Hoping to update tomorrow if I can so until then,

Keep styling, Em x

Scrumptious Sunday Seven July 22

I can’t believe its time for another Scrumptious Sunday Seven already, feels like I’m in a European time warp! Again, apologies for not putting a post up last week but we’ve come across so much bad wi-fi the last couple of weeks, I’ve barely been able to talk to Brian, let alone put up a blog post! But I promise since I’ll be living in Galway for a couple of weeks, all my attentions will be focused on you all, although I may take a small break to work together some ideas for the first issue of An Focal in my new role as Life&Style editor and also plan my birthday/wardrobe for my holidays to Milan! So much happening in August as well, its mad but I will be near computers every Sunday at least, I’ve checked! I’ll be able to update you on my exciting new internship at CMPR as well as the first issue of An Focal and hopefully rope Brian into taking some Lookbook photos for me in Milan! Anyway, back to the Scrumptious Sunday Seven for this week!

1. Brogues. My poor wee brogues fell apart from all the rain we had on Paris and Berlin and I’m lost without them! We’ve bought new ones but they’re not the same as my old babies! They are the most practical and comfortable shoes ever without being the dreaded crocs and I’ll miss them dreadfully!

2. My ‘English Rose’ Lookbook photos. I know I’ve already done a post on this but I really enjoyed doing this particular shoot and enjoyed the theme so much, as you can imagine! My article is now sent off to Linger and I can’t wait for it to be published! We had some great fun with the pictures and I hope everyone enjoyed them!

3. I’m officially a Vogue collector! On my travels I’ve picked up Vogue Italia, Beauty in Vogue (Italy) The Fashion Illustrated newspaper (Italy), The Little Book of Retail (Italy), Vogue Paris, GQ Paris and the Vogue Paris Collections! My backpack is so freakin’ heavy but i cannot wait to get home and open them and have a good look through and write up my first Runway Report in about a year! I’m in love!

4. Zebra Print. The print of the season and a million times classier than leopard print. The celebrities have been doing zebra print in a big way the last few months and its on everything at the moment, including heels which I love. To create a zebra print look that’s a bit different, how about doing it in different colours, not just black and white?

5. Burgundy lipstick. I recently bought a tube of burgundy lipstick as a wee bit of an experiment cos I’d seen it so much recently. Its alright but I haven’t worn it yet, for fear I’ll look ridiculous but I’ll pluck up the courage at some stage!

6. Celebrities in recent ad campaigns. There are some fantastic ad campaigns being released this season using that celebrity edge, I’m especially loving Burberry’s new shoot pictures, what are your favourites?

Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga

Mario Testino’s shots of Gabriella Wilde & Roo Panes

Iggy Pop and Daisy Lowe for Eleven Paris

Lara Stone for Calvin Klein collection

Mila Kunis for Miss Dior

7. Last but certainly not least, some life affirming, fun and beautiful photos to get us all through the hectic busy week ahead!

I hope everyone has a really great week! I’ll be writing next Sunday from London, we’re going to Amsterdam tomorrow and taking the Eurostar to London Thursday! So I’ll be in London till Tuesday to see my family and then back to Ireland to spend some quality time with my lovely boyfriend before a very hectic few weeks all before uni starts again. I hope to update during the week but if not it’ll be next Sunday, promise there will be a routine then! Until then….

Keep styling, Em x

Monte Carlo

Between Milan and Paris, we got to squeeze in the tiniest visit to Monte Carlo for a couple of hours (it was on the way, I swear).  We walked around for a little while before the sun got too bright and we collapsed under our backpacks so I decided to get a few Lookbook pictures which you can hype HERE! I’m doing an article on the style differences between different European countries and this outfit suited Monte Carlo to a tee! We’re in Paris at the moment so we’ll be taking some more shots for the magazine article, keep your eyes peeled for some Lookbook entries! Until then…

Keep styling, Em x

Scrumptious Sunday Seven July 8

Apologies for not posting in the last two weeks, our inter-railing trip has also turned into the quest for decent wifi….a.k.a., there is none and I haven’t been able to check my emails, let alone write a post! I’ve got so much news and so little at the same time. We’ve been to Vienna, Oswiecim, Krakow, Prague, Munich, Venice, Rome and Florence in the last eight days and its only now that I’m sitting down and taking a breather. Its 35 degrees here, I’m covered in insect bites and have a sunburnt foot…who said travelling wasn’t fun! The fashion over here in these different countries are unbelievable, even if you’re going to different cities in Italy, the style changes so dramatically. We’re going to Milan tomorrow and I’m SO excited to see what the streets bring to me style-wise! I’ll also be doing research for my next article for Linger on the differences in European street styles so Milan and Paris will certainly be getting a mention! Speaking of writing for Linger, my first article is up in the current issue HERE so anyone with a subscription can read it! Anyone who can’t, I’ll do my best to get a screenshot or a transcript for you! So that’s enough of that, it looks like I have quite a few posts to get up tonight so we’ll get on with the Scrumptious Sunday Seven for this sweltering week!

1. Vintage! We were in this fantastic little vintage shop in Prague that housed the designers we all know and love, like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. We found it walking up a little side street and it was just amazing to go in and be in the presence of these beautiful old Chanel classic suits and 40’s heels. In LOVE!

2. In Rome, we walked down the most amazing and expensive street I have EVER been down (with the exception of Bond Street in London!). It had every designer you’ve ever heard of and some you haven’t and I was in absolute awe at everything there! When I win the lottery or find a load of money somewhere I’ll be coming back. Especially fell in love with these amazing studded biker boots…its my birthday soon…hint hint!

3. Grecian maxi-dresses. I saw a girl wearing one in Krakow and absolutely adored it. I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since, it was so beautiful! I don’t know if I’m too short to wear maxi-dresses or not but a girl can dream!

4. I’ve bought some yellow nail polish in Budapest and I’m loving it on my travels. It’s a proper bright yellow and makes any outfit look more fun. I can’t wear yellow as a colour because I’m so pale but its fun being able to wear it and have it suit me! Neon is incredibly in this season so even if I do it through my nails, I’m happy!

5. Stripes. Taken to the extreme. This isn’t exactly favourite fashion but this trio really made me smile up by the Colosseum when we were in Rome. Stripes are very in at all times, just fluctuating between stripe size. This lot aren’t exactly down with the kids but this will brighten up your day! Remind you of anyone?

6. Graffiti. It’s everywhere over here and I’m loving it. I’m one of these people who loves graffiti and sees it as an art form…as long as its good of course! Europe has graffiti everywhere and it really struck me how creative it was to put it on the metro trains! Reminds me of the Underground in London or the subway in New York.

7. And lastly, some travel related fashion photography, I love all these photos, I wish I looked this chic travelling but unfortunately, its hard to look fashionable when you have a crazy big backpack on your back, but I can just not look in the mirror and pretend I’m Kate Moss! These shots are beautiful and I’m hoping to make some of my own in the next couple of weeks!

I hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for sticking with the blog while I’m in the wilderness guys, it means an awful lot that I’m getting so many views even though I’m being awful and not posting as much as I should! Love you guys!

Keep styling, Em x

Wardrobe Recruiting…

Just a quick blog post today, I really just wanted to show off the new stuff I got that I’d been talking about on the blog recently that i’ve gotten! I always want to start encouraging myself do do little blog posts like this throughout the month I’ll be travelling, to give you blasts of what we’ll be doing, what I’ll be wearing (my Lookbook might actually fill up!) and of course, what the European fashionistas will be wearing. I’ll be grabbing some for my next column in Linger magazine and I’ll keep you all up to date on the fashion from Milan, Paris, London and every other country we hit!

I talked about getting this in my Scrumptious Sunday Seven post a couple of days ago and I couldn’t get the thought of it out of my head, so I ran out to H&M and bought it yesterday! Its such a jazzy piece of jewellery to brighten up any outfit and it only set me back 2490FT, which is about 8.50 to all you who speak in Euro’s like I do! Its so Egyptian looking, even though someone has described it like something from Yu-Gi-Oh! I’m just wondering how I’ll get through security in Gatwick Airport trying to get home!

For anyone who isn’t a fan of the Facebook page, I had big news when I got home to Ireland for the weekend. My lace Lita’s from SoYouShoes arrived!! They are absolutely gorgeous  and I rise about 7 inches when I put them on (finally the same height as Brian!). Was so sad that I had to leave them at home, but my mum is bringing them to London with her so I’ll have them for a couple of Lookbook shots when we’re hitting the shops at the end of July 😀

I’ll be on in the next couple of days again, getting ready to leave and packing everything up as well as planning will stress me out and I’ll need to write to blow off steam! I’m a complete control freak and I will need EVERY second planned out on an itinerary in front of me, bet you all feel sorry for Ellen now! Speaking of Ellen, I must go pick her up at the airport so until next time…

Keep styling, Em x

The Scrumptious Sunday Seven…

I’ve decided that every Sunday, I’ll upload 7 things that I’m loving that week. Some thing many occur more than once, others not so much, it’ll be the designs, or pieces of clothing or random things that pop into my head that I love, and I hope other people connect with too!

1. The colour mint green. So in this season, loving it on dresses, skirts and especially nails

Barry M number 304

2. Cappuccino’s in the sun. I’m serious, its beautiful here and Starbucks is 10 minutes up the road….

3. Jessica Alba’s summer-style. The only way to handle dressing for warm weather and that dress looks amazing on her!

4. My new Iam sunglasses, the only way to do floral this season!

5. Milan, Italy, going not once, but TWICE this summer, once with my best mate inter-railing and once with my boyfriend, so incredibly excited to be in the capital of fashion!

6. Baking cupcakes, our oven doesn’t work in our flat so I can’t do my usual baking but when I go home in a week, my kitchen won’t know what hit it!

7. The weather in Budapest, it’s absolutely gorgeous here at the moment, blue skies and heat above 20C every day, not used to this in Ireland.

I hope everyone’s week is going well, keep styling, hopefully it’ll be gorgeous weather where you are too and you can get those legs out 🙂 until next time, enjoy your week, keep reading my posts and like the new Emily Fashion Fiend Facebook page